1871 Census for England & Wales

The 1871 census for England and Wales was held on the night of Sunday 2 April 1871. For each household, we have recorded the names of each occupant and their relationship to the head of household, their age, marital status, occupation and place of birth.

4 Market St, Cambridge

John T. GUMBLETON Head 32 Mar Cord wainer Walworth London
Martha GUMBLETON Wife 22 Mar Hatley St George, Cambs
Henry GUMBLETON Brother 28 Un Cord wainer Ibstock, Leicester
Bertie Mecham Nephew 3 Un Peckham, London

Toft, Cambridgeshire

George SIMONS Head 44 Mar Builder Gamblingay, Cambs
Fanny SIMONS Wife 45 Mar Hatley St George, Cambs
Fanny SIMONS Dau 19 Un Governess Toft, Cambs
Jane SIMONS Dau 17 Un Toft, Cambs
Ingle SIMONS Son 15 Un Toft, Cambs
Janet SIMONS Dau 12 Un Toft, Cambs
Emma SIMONS Dau 9 Un Toft, Cambs
Harriet GUMBLETON Visitor 19 Un London

Connemara, Tormoham, Torquay, Devon

Ann GUMBLETON Head 65 Wid Annuitant Lincolnshire
Margaret S A GUMBLETON Dau 40 Un Ireland
Fanny GUMBLETON Dau 33 Un Ireland
Mary Ann HILL Serv 28 Un Parlourmaid Churston, Devon
Frances J CURRIE Gr. Dau 10 India
Augusta M CURRIE Gr. Dau 9 India
Ann BEE Lady's maid 48 Un Lady's maid Lincolnshire
Lucy M HOLE Parlour maid 30 Un Parlour maid Devonshire
Louisa STANTIFORD Housemaid 19 Un Housemaid Newfoundland?
Mary LANG Cook 27 Un Cook Devonshire

Bedchester, Fontwell, Dorset

Mary Ann POPE Head 65 Wid Farmer of 10 acres Wilts, Blackdown
Julia POPE Dau 29 Un Assistant Kingcombe
Septimus POPE Son 24 Un Mariner Dorset, Melcombe
William FARMER Serv 18 Un Groom Dorset, Fontwell
Ellen Gumbleton Serv 15 Un General serv. Domestic Dorset, Shaftesbury

Doctor's Farm cottage, Gussage St Michael, Dorset

Charles BAYMOND Head 40 Mar Groom Dorset, Handley
Harriet BAYMOND Wife 35 Mar Wilts, Tollard
William BAYMOND Son 12 Ag lab Dorset, Handley
Frederick BAYMOND Son 8 Scholar Dorset, Handley
Sidney BAYMOND Son 2 Dorset, Handley
Alice M BAYMOND Dau 3m Dorset, Gussage
William Gumbleton Boarder 37 Un Ag lab Dorset, Critchell

Ludwell St, Donhead St Mary

Stephen WILKINS Head 48 Wid Bootmaker Donhead
George WILKINS Son 18 Un Bootmaker Donhead
Charles WILKINS Son 17 Un Wheelwright Donhead
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Mother in law 71 Housekeeper Donhead
Henry TRIMM Boarder Un Wheelwright Sturminster, Dorset

Malthouse Lane, Shaftesbury, Dorset

Charles GUMBLETON Head 47 Mar Labourer (general) Dorset, Shaftesbury
Ann GUMBLETON Wife 44 Mar Laundress Dorset, Wimborne Minster
Sarah GUMBLETON Dau 20 Un Laundress Dorset, Shaftesbury
John GUMBLETON Son 18 Un Cabinet Maker (apprentice) Dorset, Shaftesbury
Elizabeth J GUMBLETON Dau 13 Un Servant (domestic) Dorset, Shaftesbury

St James St, Shaftesbury, Dorset

John GUMBLETON Head 39 Mar Mason's lab Dorset, Shaftesbury
Mary GUMBLETON Wife 34 Mar Mason's lab wife Dorset, Shaftesbury
Thomas GUMBLETON Son 15 Un Scholar Dorset, Shaftesbury
Edward GUMBLETON Son 11 Scholar Dorset, Shaftesbury
John GUMBLETON Son 9 Scholar Dorset, Shaftesbury
Fanny GUMBLETON Dau 5 Scholar Dorset, Shaftesbury
Emily GUMBLETON Dau 3 Scholar Dorset, Shaftesbury
Mary GUMBLETON Dau 10m Dorset, Shaftesbury

Pare (?) Tree Cottage, The Street, Shillingstone, Dorset

Ann WARREN Head 80 Wid Annuitant Sturminster Newton, Dorset
Ann E WARREN Dau 41 Un Farmer's dau Shillingstone, Dorset
Dora GUMBLETON Serv 15 Un Servant (domestic) Critchell, Dorset

Roughay, Owslebury, Hamphsire

Samuel GUMBLETON Head 84 Mar Lab East Meon
Lucy GUMBLETON Wife 73 Mar Priors Dean

List of people aboard (unnamed) ship, Hampshire

John J GUMBLETON AB 26 Un AB London, Middlesex

9, Heath Cottages, High St, Hanwell, Middlesex

John Gumbleton Head 26 Stoker at Asylum West Grimstead
Charlotte J Gumbleton Wife 22 Whitton, Middlesex
Emma H Dau 1 Hanwell, Middx

2 Grove Place, Hammersmith

(RG10/58 folio 74)
Richard Gumbleton Head 68 Mar Retired Grocer Dorset, Sherborne
Mary Gumbleton Wife 63 Mar Hampshire, Havant
Elizabeth Gumbleton Sister 51 Un House proprietor Dorset, Sherborne
Maria Gumbleton Sister 43 Kent, Deal
Lydia Colmer Neice 12? Middlesex, Hampstead

Gardener's Cottage, The Spring, Hanwell, Middlesex

(RG10/? 71/36)
Solomon GUMBLETON Head 32 Mar Gardener Wilts, West Grimstead
Maria GUMBLETON Wife 34 Mar Wilts, Alderbury
George GUMBLETON Son 10 Scholar Wilts, Alderbury
Edward GUMBLETON Son 6 Scholar Middlesex, Hanwell
Maria H GUMBLETON Dau 4 Middlesex, Hanwell
Mary GUMBLETON Dau 2 Middlesex, Hanwell
Dinah Husselwhite M in law 79 Wid Annuitant Wilts, Birtford

14, Porchester Place, Paddington

Emily HAWKINS Head 54 Un None Ireland
Georgina HAWKINS Sister 47 Un None Ireland
Sophia HAWKINS Sister 45 Un None Ireland
Sarah CHIVES Serv 24 Un Domestic servant Radstock, Somerset
George GUMBLETON Lodger 27 Un Barrister at law Ireland
Davidson R DALLAS Lodger 67 Un No occupation Ireland

73, Cumberland Street, Westminster

Richard GUMBLETON Head 36 Mar Labourer in timber yard Sussex, Aldingbourn
Sarah GUMBLETON Wife 25 Middlesex, St George

1 Nottingham Terrace, Marylebone

Elizabeth A Gambleton (?) Head 63 Wid London

West Newchurch, Monmouthshire

George GUMBLETON Head 33 Mar Job labourer Dorset, St James
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Wife 29 Mar Mon, Newchurch West
Mary Jane GUMBLETON Dau 2 Un Mon, Newchurch West
Charles GUMBLETON Son 5m Un Mon, Newchurch West

52 Cranmer Rd Brixton, Surrey

Richard GUMBLETON Head 34 Mar Wine merchants traveller Walworth Surrey
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Wife 24 Mar Clapham Rd
Elizabeth GUMBLETON Dau 2 North Brixton

59, Cherry Garden Street, Bermondsey, Surrey

(RG10/? 53/45)
John GUMBLETON Head 49 Mar Russia mat & bag dealer Surrey, Bermondsey
Eliza GUMBLETON Wife 50 Mar Surrey, Walworth
Alfred GUMBLETON Son 18 Un Rice dresser Middlesex, Shoreditch
Clara GUMBLETON Dau 15 Un Servant Middlesex, Shoreditch
Harry GUMBLETON Son 14 Un Bag mender Middlesex, Shoreditch
Florence GUMBLETON Dau 12 Un Scholar Middlesex, Bethnal Green
Walter GUMBLETON Son 7 Un Scholar Middlesex, Shoreditch

Stork's Rd, St Olave, Bermondsey

Jessie GUMBLETON Nurse 24 Un Nursemaid Middlesex, Wapping

Queen Elizabeth Street, St John's, Surrey

Henry ATKINS (?) Head 58 Mar Labourer Middlesex, Whitechapel
Mary A ATKINS (?) Wife 51 Mar CIty of London
H GUMBLETON (female) Friend 54 Un Retired governess Surrey, Bermondsey

Coastguard Station, Whippingham, Eastbourne, Sussex

Patrick GUMBLETON Head 32 Mar Coastguard Boatman Ireland
Mary GUMBLETON Wife 25 Mar None Ireland

Eastdean, Sussex

Robert GUMBLETON Head 52 Mar Hurdle maker Sussex, Cocking
Eliza GUMBLETON Wife 51 Mar Sussex, Weshampnett
Georg GUMBLETON Son 27 Un Hurdle maker Sussex, East Dean
William Gumbleton Son 25 Un Hurdle maker Sussex, East Dean
Harry GUMBLETON Son 17 Un Hurdle maker Sussex, East Dean
Charles GUMBLETON Son 15 Un Hurdle maker Sussex, East Dean
James AYLING Lodger 63 Un Labourer Sussex, Amberly

Fair Field House, Eastdean, Sussex

Fanny GUMBLETON Serv 28 Un Cook general servant Sussex, East Dean

Spring Cottage, Main St. West Grimstead, Wilts

William Gumbleton Head 56 Labourer West Grimstead
Mary Gumbleton Wife 38 Charlton , Wilts
George Gumbleton Son 28 Ag lab West Grimstead
Flora Gumbleton Servant 11 Alderbury , Wilts

Charlton, Downton, Wilts

Morgan Gumbleton Head 33 Mar Waterman Wilts, W. Grimstead
Mary Gumbleton Wife 32 Mar Wilts, Alderbury
Emma Kate Gumbleton Dau 6 Wilts, W. Grimstead
Ellen Gumbleton Dau 4 Wilts, W. Grimstead
Mary Anna Gumbleton Dau 2 Wilts, Salisbury
May Gumbleton Dau 22m Wilts, Charlton
William M Gumbleton Son 4m Wilts, Charlton

Part of Woodford's Living, Church Road, West Grimstead, Wilts

Elizabeth GUMBLETON Head 61 Wid Wilts, Alderbury
Ormond GUMBLETON Son 26 Un Agricultural labourer Wilts, Britford

Clarendon Road, Alderbury, Wilts

John GUMBLETON Head 63 Mar Woodman Ireland, Co. Galway
Frances GUMBLETON Wife 56 Mar Woodman's wife Wilts, Downton

Thames Row, Wharfe Rd, Poplar, Middlesex

(RG10/588 Fol.77 p39)
Arthur PAWSEY Head 27 Mar Seed crusher Suffolk, Ipswich
Rose Wife 26 Mar Middlesex, Paddington
James A Son 2 Middlesex, Poplar
Hannah Completon Servant 29 Un Domestic servant Dorsetshire

Radna Terrace, Walthamstowe, Essex

(RG10/1636 Fol.149 p20)
Mary Hessey Sister 75 Wid Retired servant Middlesex, St Botolph
Maria Smith Sister 78 Wid Annuitant Middlesex, St Botolph
Sarah Dewsnap Sister 66 Wid Haberdasher Middlesex, Islington St Mary
Ann Gumbelton Sister 63 Un Haberdasher Middlesex, Islington St Mary

Farm Middle, Long Crichel, Dorset

(RG10/1981 Fol.77 p.18)
George GUMBLETON Head 52 Mar Ag. labourer Dorset, Long Crichel
Uri GUMBLETON Wife 49 Mar Wilts, Martin
Henry C GUMBLETON Son 23 Unm Groom Dorset, Long Crichel
Mark B GUMBLETON Son 21 Unm Ag. Lab Dorset, Long Crichel
George A GUMBLETON Son 17 Unm Ag. lab Dorset, Long Crichel
Fred L GUMBLETON Son 12 Scholar Dorset, Long Crichel
Frank GUMBLETON Son 10 Scholar Dorset, Long Crichel
Mansel M GUMBLETON Dau 8 Scholar Dorset, Long Crichel

Sixpenny Handley, Dorset

(RG10/1982 Fol.34 p2)
George Combleton Head 31 Mar Ag Lab Dorset
Sarah Combleton Wife 29 Mar Dorset, St Giles
Ellen Combleton Dau 5 Dorset, St Giles
Margaret Combleton Dau 1 Dorset, St Giles

Piddlehinton, Dorset

(RG10/2012 Fol.42 p18)
George CUMBLETON Head 66 Mar Ag Lab Dorset, Sixpenny Handley
Jane CUMBLETON Wife 68 Mar Ag Lab wife Dorset, Shilbourne St Andrew
Jacob Cox Lodger 40 Un Basket maker. Blind 26 years Dorset, Shaston?

Bradford Peverell, Dorset

(RG10/2013 Fol.11 p.13)
Joseph CUMBLETON Head 32 Mar Ag Lab Sydling, Dorset
Jane CUMBLETON Wife 35 Mar Tolpuddle, Dorset
Charles CUMBLETON Son 11 Scholar Puddletown, Dorset
Joseph CUMBLETON Son 9 Scholar Puddletown, Dorset
Alfred CUMBLETON Son 7 Scholar Puddletown, Dorset
George CUMBLETON Son 4 Scholar Bradford Peverell, Dorset
Lucy CUMBLETON Dau 1 Bradford Peverell, Dorset

Duke Street, St Stephen, Launceston, Cornwall

(RG10/2224 fol.88, p8)
David LAVIS Head 52 Un Farmer 45A-3R-29P Cornwall, St Stephens
Maria LAVIS Sister 48 Un Housekeeper Cornwall, St Stephens
Mary DAWE Servant 24 Un General Servant Cornwall, St Stephens
Richard DAVEY Servant 13 Un Farm servant (indoor) Cornwall, St Stephens
James GUMBELTON Lodger 65 Un Superannuated excise man London

HMS Lightning, Pembroke

(RG10/5520 Fol.60 p.1)
Henry GUMBLETON Qr Mr 33 S Salisbury, Wiltshire

103 Butler Street?, West Ham

(RG10/1628 fol.83 p.105)
James GRUMBLETON Head 45 Mar Laborer Middlesex, Poplar
Ann GRUMBLETON Wife 27 Mar Ireland
Ann GRUMBLETON Dau 3 Kent, Deptford
Julia GRUMBLETON Dau 2 Kent, Deptford
James GRUMBLETON Son 4m Essex, Canning Town
John SALVEN Visitor 46 Mar Laborer Ireland

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