Census records

In the UK, a full census has taken place every ten years since 1801, with the exceptions of 1941. For 1801-1831, the detailed records of each household were collected locally and, except in very rare cases, were subsequently destroyed. From 1841 onwards, though, the household schedules were archived and are retained by The National Archives. Those less than 100 years old are not available for public access, but the the others are now in the public domain.

I have collected most of the Gumbletons from the available censuses. When I began this task, the records were only available on microfilm at the Public Record Office, in Portugal Street, London, and there were no indexes of names, so I spent many hours winding through films looking for Gumbletons. Nowadays, the records are available online and I am gradually rechecking my early work against the current indexes.

Early censuses in England and Wales
1841 Census for England & Wales
1851 Census for England & Wales
1861 Census for England & Wales
1871 Census for England & Wales
1881 Census for England & Wales
1891 Census for England & Wales
1901 Census for England & Wales
1911 Census for England & Wales
1921 Census for England and Wales
Ireland 1901 census
1911 census for Ireland
1939 Register for England & Wales
US 1850 census
US 1860 census
US 1870 census
US 1880 census
US 1900 census
US 1910 census
US 1920 census
US 1930 census
US 1940 census
US 1950 census

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