Newspapers and journals: Obituary of Francis Gumbleton, nee Nicholls

Date: 1953

A lone Salvationist wins through - Mrs Major Gumbleton It was at Penge that Mrs. Major Gumbleton first met the Army, after travelling to London from Fordham, near Cambridge, for employment. She was the only Salvationist in her family at a time when the Army was just beginning to find favour in the eyes of the public and, like other intrepid women-Salvationists of those days she threw herself completely and whole-heartedly into the fight. For her self-abandonment, devotion and loyalty she was singled out from other cadets of the 1901 session and retained at the Training Home as Sergeant-Major of the subsequent session.

Appointed as an officer to the British Field, Mrs Gumbleton commanded several corps prior to her marriage, and with her husband victoriously toiled at Sheffield, Kircaldy, Swansea, Llanelly, and in other corps appointments.

When Major Gumbleton was called to undertake special work, his partner resided in Cardiff, quietly ministering in her small field of service, but exercising a beautiful Chrstian influence upon all who knew her. She became known as 'one of God's true Saints'.

Twenty years ago her husband was called to higher service. During the past eight years Mrs Gumbleton had suffered extreme pain borne with a patiencee and radiance only possible to those who, like herself,have found perfect peace, trusting in the everlasting strength of the Lord.

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