Private papers, letters and diaries: Margaret Jane Homfray Letter

Date: 21 Jun 1850
Place: Madeira, Madeira, Portugal

Madeira June 21st 1850

My Husband1 having given up to me his right to the £3000 to which I was entitled by the Marriage Settlement of my Mother Anne Rachel Gumbleton (but which came into his power on his marriage with me) I request that the said sum of £3000 be settled on my daughter Emma Jane Homfray my husband having it for the term of his life & should he survive my Daughter I wish him to do whatsoever he think best with the money with this exception viz that it is not to be returned into the family of Gumbleton under any plea or circumstance whatsoever I write this without any ill feeling to the said family or to any member of it.

Margaret Jane Homfray
Madeira June 21st 1850

1. Charles Jeston Homfray

Maxwell-Gumbleton papers
21 Jun 1850

Thanks to Lucinda Steege for this document

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