Private papers, letters and diaries: Letters of Letitia Bushe, 1740-47

Date: 1743-47
Place: Ireland

(p 75) 6 June 1743 Letter from R. Gumbleton, Tallow, to Mr Justice Ward, Dublin.

He understands that Capt. Robert and Boyle Maynard will 'call the persons in possession of said lands to an acct. for the issues and profits of sd. lands for severall yrs. past' and adds 'I hope you will conceive that said lands are subject to my debt by vertue of an execution executed long since ...'.

137 1 Apr. 1747 Letter from Stephen Rolleston, Curryglass, to Mr Justice Ward.

He writes about legal proceedings in the manor court; rent paid by Evans to him and to 'Mr B.M.'; arrears of Jon Long, and of Dr Power, who offers 8s. an acre this year instead of 10s. but 'we had better leave ym weast yn do so, for it wd be a means of lowering ye rest'. He offers to take the paddocks himself if he may break up a small paddock for a potatoe garden, and hold it for 5 years. He has head that Mr Gumbleton 'had a design of getting some person to take Curryglass for him'.

Public Record Office for Northern Ireland Ref: D2092/1/6

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