Name: Fred GUMBLETON  Q0074 
Born: 1880  Shaftesbury RD, Dorset, England
Baptised: 7 Mar 1880  Shaftesbury St James, Dorset, England
Parents: John GUMBLETON Mary GRAY
Died:1957 Southampton RD, Hampshire, England
Occupation:Labourer in iron works. Stone sawyer.   
Spouse 1Rosina Matilda ANDREWS
Married 1898
Southampton RD (Registration district), Hampshire, England
(Died 1924 Southampton RD (Registration district), Hampshire, England)
Child 1 R0029 Edward John GUMBLETON 1899
Child 2 R0037 Hilda Mabel E GUMBLETON 1901
Child 3 R0042 Doris Edna GUMBLETON 1902
Child 4 R0061 Ruby Iris GUMBLETON 1906
Child 5 R0102 Eric Gordon Andrew GUMBLETON 1916
Spouse 2Elizabeth Louisa BROWN
Married 1930
Southampton RD (Registration district), Hampshire, England
Benjamin Fred Gumbleton was a son of Fred Gumbleton and his wife Ada Francis Elizabeth, nee Lawrence. He was born in 1917 in the Clutton, Dorset, Registration District. Fred Gumbleton was a son of John Gumbleton, of Shaftesbury, Dorset, and his wife Mary, nee Gray. He was born in 1880, in the Shaftessbury Registration District, and baptised on 7 Mar 1880, at St James' Church, Shaftesbury.

The 1861 census shows him living with his parents and siblings at 61 St James St, Shaftesbury.

In 1898, he married Rosina Matilda Andrews in the Southampton, Hampshire, Registration District. They went on to have five children.

In 1900, he was summoned to the County Petty Sessions Court, for not contributing to the support of his father, who was in receipt of Poor Relief. He had been called upon to pay 1s a week towards his father's support, out of his weekly wages of 18s. Fred explained that he had to pay 5s a week rent, his wife was constantly ill, and he had to pay 6d a gallon for potatoes and 1s 11d per cwt for coal. He had no garden to his house (so could not feed his family in that way) and contended he could not afford to pay 1s a week to his father. The bench ordered him to pay 6d a week only.

In the 1901 census, his wife and children were visitors in a household in Southampton, but he was living with his parents at 46, Poor Yard, Shaftesbury, where he was working as a labourer in the iron works.

By 1911, Fred, together with his wife and chldren, were living at 3, Lime Tree Terrace, Crown St, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire. He was described as a stone sawyer.

In 1924, his wife died, in Southampton. However, in 1930, he was married for a second time: his spouse was Elizabeth Louisa Brown. The 1839 register shows them living in a household in Southampton.

Fred died in Southampton in 1957. His widow lived until 1972. 

1880 Mar Qr Birth registration of Fred GUMBLETON Shaftesbury RD (Registration district), Dorset, England Civil registration birth registers
7 Mar 1880 Baptism of Fred GUMBLETON Shaftesbury St James (C of E parish), Dorset, England Baptisms index
3 Apr 1881 Fred GUMBLETON (age 1) living in 61 St James St, Shaftesbury in 1881 census Shaftesbury (Town), Dorset, England 1881 census
5 Apr 1891 Fred Gumbleton (age 13) living in St James St, Shaftesbury, Dorset in 1891 census Shaftesbury (Town), Dorset, England 1891 census
1898 Dec Qr Marriage registration of Fred GAMBLETON Southampton RD (Registration district), Hampshire, England Civil marriage registers
2 Mar 1900 Fred Gumbleton not supporting his father Portsmouth, Hampshire, England View details
31 Mar 1901 Fredk Gumbleton (age 22) living in 46 Poor Yard, Shaftesbury, Dorset in 1901 census Shaftesbury (Town), Dorset, England 1901 census
30 Jan 1905 Fred GUMBLETON referenced in Edward Gumbleton school admission Southampton, Hants View details
2 Sep 1907 Fred GUMBLETON referenced in Doris Gumbleton school admission Southampton, Hants View details
2 Apr 1911 Fred Gumbleton (age 32) living in 3 Lime Tree Ter, Crown St, Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire in 1911 census Southampton, Hampshire, England 1911 census
19 Jun 1921 Fred Gumbleton (age 41y 5m) living in Victor Street, Southampton, Hampshire in 1921 census Southampton, Hampshire, England 1921 census
1930 Jun Qr Marriage registration of Fred Gumbleton Southampton RD (Registration district), Hampshire, England Civil marriage registers
1 Jun 1939 1939 Register: Fred Gumbleton living in Southampton County Borough Southampton County Borough 1939 Register
1957 Dec Death registration of Fred Gumbleton Southampton RD (Registration district), Hampshire, England Civil registration death registers

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