Alphonsus Leo GUMBLETON

Name: Alphonsus Leo GUMBLETON  R0155 
Born: 1892   
Parents: John T GUMBLETON Julia MANN
Occupation:Motor manufacture   
Spouse 1Elizabeth Ann NEYER
Child 1 S0063 Thomas Vincent GUMBLETON 1933
Child 2 S0059 Eugene Joseph GUMBLETON 1935
Child 3 S0065 Marilyn Theresa GUMBLETON 1936
Alphonsus Leo Gumbleton, born 25 Nov 1891, was a son of John T Gumbleton and Julia nee Mann.

The 1910 census records him, aged 18, living with his parents in Detroit and employed as a machinist for a motor company.

In 1917 his Draft Registration Form for World War I gives his employer as the Ford Motor Company at Woodward Ave, Highland Park, Detroit. It gives his occupation as ‘efficiency manager’. It also gives an outline physical description: medium height; medium build; blonde hair; and grey eyes. He married Elizabeth Ann Neyer, but details of the marriage have not been found.

He died aged 74 in 1965. 

1 Jan 1900 Alfonzie Gumbleton (age 8) living in Michigan, Wayne: Detroit Ward 14 in US_1900 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1900 census
1 Jan 1910 Gumbleton, Alphonso (age 18) living in Detroit Ward 6, Wayne, Michigan in US_1910 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1910 census
15 Jun 1917 Alphonsus Gumbleton Draft Registration Detroit, Michigan, USA View details
1 Jan 1920 Alphonse Gumbleton (age 27) living in Detroit Ward 16, Wayne, Michigan in US_1920 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1920 census
1 Apr 1940 Alphonsus Gumbeton (age 48) living in Deroit Ward 16, Wayne, Michigan in US_1940 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1940 census
1 May 1950 Alphonsus Gumbleton (age 59) living in Wayne, Detroit, Michigan in US_1950 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1950 census
1965 None Death registration of Alphonsus GUMBLETON Michigan, Michigan, USA Civil registration death registers
4 Feb 2015 Alphonsus Leo GUMBLETON referenced in Obituary of Gerard A Gumbleton, 2015 Duarte, California, USA View details

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