Land and Property: Marriage settlement of James Gumbleton and Lucy Goodwin

The document is an indenture, consisting of 4 large sheets of vellum. The gist is that it is an agreement between:
  • James Gumbleton of Dean Street, St Olave, Southwark, woolstapler (1st part)
  • Lucy Goodwin of Homerton, St John, Hackney, spinster (2nd part)
  • Peter James of Greenwich, Kent, clerk and William Hopkins of Hatton St, Middlesex, esq (3rd part)
Relates to two properties in St Olave's, one in Silver St and the other in Dean St, in the occupation of Thomas Eldridge. James Gumbleton has become possessed of these properties for the remainder of their leases (21 years and 61 years).

A marriage is agreed upon between James Gumbleton and Lucy Goodwin.

James Gumbleton sells the leasehold premises to the other people mentioned, in trust that the rents are paid to James and Lucy.

After the decease of either, the trustees must sign pver the properties to the survivor.

Signatures and seals of all parties affixed.

London Metropolitan Archives
2 Jun 1777

People mentioned

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