Land and Property: Claim of Michael Busteed of Bandon, Cork

Date: 10 Dec 1787
Place: Co Cork, Ireland

Judgement to claims of Michael BUSTEED of Bandon COR Gent vs. Mary BUSTEED and Elizabeth BUSTEED, infants under age 21, the only surviving children of Stephen BUSTEED, Barrister at law, of Deceased. Michael BUSTEED claims to be entitled in taile maile by virtue of 1724 deed prev to marriage of Jephson BUSTEED and Elizabeth GUMBLETON (parents of Stephen BUSTEED). Mary and Elizabeth BUSTEED to be entitled in fee subj to rent charge of £250 payble to Martha SIVETE (formerly BUSTEED), wife of John SIVETE Jnr. of Brookfield, Cork, and mother of Mary and Elizabeth BUSTEED. Claim is uncertain & due to costs of court case . Thus Richard LAWTON of Cork city Merchant, the guardian of Mary and Elizabeth BUSTEED agrees that Michael BUSTEED can charge £3000 for Mary and Elizabeth BUSTEED and eventual annuity of £60 to Martha SIVETE; Michael BUSTEED to charge lands with 2 annuities of £50 to be paid to trustees to be named for care of Mary and Elizabeth BUSTEED till they are of age to receive £1500 each.

Dublin Registry of Deeds
Ref: 393/127/259978
10 Dec 1787

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