Land and Property: Dublin Registry of Deeds, 1758

Type of deed:Indented deed assignment
Date of deed:27 Oct 1758
Date registered:22 Dec 1758
Abstract:Comment for William Daunt: William Daunt, Richard Daunt, Richard Gumbleton and Robert Gorman unto William Johnson of front & back house formerly in possession of Lawrence Noonane [20 feet in front 130 feet 6' backwards] in south east quarter of Cork city, Christ Church (pa) and lands called Cooleres?, third part of lands called Poruladoturane? [10a 1 r 34p] in south lib of Cork city + Knockahouly in Kinalea (ba), + Ringnangan Gla__diheen all in Co Cork to hold for several intents & interests mentioned and no other

Family nameForenameOf (place)TitleRole
DauntWilliamKnockahouly, Co CorkEsq1st Party
DauntRichardEldest son and heir apparent of William Daunt2nd Party
GumbletonRichardLismore, Co Waterford.Esq. Eldest son of Richard Gumbleton (decd) and surviving trustee of marriage settlement of William Daunt3rd Party
GumbletonRichardLate of Tallow, deceasedEsq.
GormanRobertMornigormy? in South Liberties of Cork City; co surviving trustee of marriage settlement of William DauntGent3rd Party
JohnsonWilliamCork CityMerchant4th Party

Richard Gumbleton of Tallow had died in 1757. His eldest daughter, Anne Gumbleton had married William Daunt in 1733, and Richard Daunt was their son. Richard [Joseph] Gumbleton of Lismore was William Daunt's brother-in-law.

195/349/130578 (Nick Reddan's Registry of Deeds Index Project)
27 Oct 1758

VancouverMike (Registry of Deeds Index Project)

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