Gumbleton residences: Belgrove, Cobh, co Cork

Place: Cobh, Co. Cork

Belgrove, Cobh, co Cork
Belgrove, Cobh, co Cork. This house overlooks East Ferry, a backwater of Cork Harbour. It was built in Georgian times and was originally the seat of the Harper family. In the nineteenth century, it was owned in by Rev George Gumbleton, who took his services in the church on the opposite side of the Ferry to the house.

The house was later acquired by George’s elder son, William, the well-known horticulturalist. When he died in 1911, he left Belgrove to his cousins, the Bagwell family, who were descended in the female line from the Harpers. They lived at nearby Eastgrove, and let Belgrove to tenants during the succeeding years. Belgrove was demolished in about 1954. Since then, a modern house has been built on the site.

Sketchmap of Belgrove, ca 1850.

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