Marriage certificate of Herbert George CUMBLETON and Beatrice Louise LANE

Details recorded from Marriage Certicate
Date23 Sep 1915
PlaceAll Saints Church
ParishAll Saints, Dorchester
CountyDorset, England
Man Herbert George CUMBLETON
Man's age25
Man's conditionBachelor
Man's occupationSergeant Canadian Cavalry
Man's residencePoundbury Farm, West Fordington
Man's father George GUMBLETON
Man's father's occupationFarm bailiff
Woman Beatrice Louise LANE
Woman's age26
Woman's conditionSpinster
Woman's occupation
Woman's residence3 Greenings Court, Dorchester
Woman's father Charles LANE
Woman's father's occupationWell sinker
Married atParish church by licence and banns
WitnessesCharlesLANE. Florence Beatrice CUMBLETON
Margin notes


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