Newspapers and journals: Magistrates and ballad singers, 1833

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A correspondent informs us that a poor itinerant minstrel, while chaunting the praises of O'Connell and Ronayne, in the town of Tallow, was apprehended by order of that most loyal functionary, Mr Gumbleton, who rejoices in the commissions of the peace for the county of Waterford, on the awful charge of singing treason songs!!! The unfortunate wight was led handcuffed into Lismore, and there detained forsome weeks on this terrble charge. The worthy magistrate's fears having been somewhat allayed, and, he considering, we suppose, that he had made the ballad singer pay sufficiently for his act of treason, suffered him to go at large after this period. But the fame of D P Ronayne, formerly the 'Toll Man's terror' and now the 'Poor Man's advocate', having reached the ears of the minstrel, he went to that patriotic individual to Youghal, and laid his case before him. Mr Ronayne immediately acquainted Mr Gardiner, his law agent, of the matter, who on the part of Mr Ronayne, then entered an action for false imprisonment against Mr Gumbleton. The latter a few days after waited on Mr Ronayne, and expressed his contrition for the offence, offering 20l to have the prosecution against him quashed. Mr R. took the money, got a number of the same ballads printed, gave them to the ballad singer with the residue of the money, and sent him to Tallow to sing the same songs for the edification of the people of that town and the very great mortification of Mr. Gumbleton. (Tipperary Free Press)

Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser
24 Sep 1833


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