Other miscellaneous: St Thomas' Hospital death register

Date: 14 Jun 1820
Place: Southwark

1 June [1820]
22 June
Names of the dead:
Robt. Gumbleton
14 Jun
23 Jun
Taken away:
Under whom:
Dr Scott
Not examined

London Metropolitan Archives
14 Jun 1820

The 'Recd.' column was only filled in for those, like Robert Gumbleton, who were not 'taken away'. There was a fee of one guinea, payable for people buried in the hospital burial ground: the 'Recd.' column probably indicates that the fee had been received. This would explain the delay between his death and burial.

Edward Ward had 24 beds (description from 1819): "In the third square, for male patients: 4th Edwards containing 24 beds".
Edward was not one of the "foul" wards where syphilis patients were treated.
Edward was a medical (rather than a surgical) ward: "On the east side were Jacob and William, on the south side King and Edward, all medical".

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