Private papers, letters and diaries: Handwritten information about ownership of Twyning

Date: ca.1930
Place: Twyning, Gloucestershire, England

[William Maxwell?] of Twyning Manor was _ without coming out of his _ . He had three sisters.

Mrs Fowke Mrs Young and Miss Maxwell.

Mrs Fowke had two daughters. Anne Rachael married Richard Gumbleton and had four children
a sister _ died in _ as her brother

Margaret married Charles Jeston Homfray and had one daughter Emma Jone.

Mrs Fowke's second daughter Jane married Capt. Stocker and had no children.

Miss Maxwell had Twyning Manor on the death of her brother and left it to Mrs Stocker.

Mrs Young left £10,000 to Mrs Stocker who built the new manor house at Twyning.

Mrs Stocker left Twyning to Mr Maxwell Gumbleton

Maxwell-Gumbleton papers

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