Private papers, letters and diaries: Deed for appointment of trust money

Date: 20 Apr 1897

Know all men by these presents that we, Sidney George Gillum of Pucklechurch in the County of Gloucester Clerk in Holy Orders and Julia Augusta Gillum his wife in pursuance of an agreement entered into upon the treaty for a marriage shortly to be solemniized between our daughter Ella Gillum and the Reverend Maxwell Homfray Smith and in exercise of a power given to us by an Indenture of Settlement dated the sixteenth day of February One thousand eight hundred and seventy four and made between the said Sidney George Gillum of the first part the said Julia Augusta Gillum then Julia Augusta Edersheim of the second part and Alfred Edersheim [Julia Edersheim's father] Edmund Treton Sanders and Walter Bailey all therein described of the third part and of every or any other power in this behalf us enabling do hereby inexorably appoint that subject and without prejudice to the trusts in the said indenture contained in relation to the income of the Trust Funds and property for the time being subject to the trusts thereof during the lives of us the said Sidney George Gillum and Julia Augusta Gillum and the life of the survivor of us one equal fifth part or share of the trust moneys stocks funds securities and property comprised in or subject or which by means of the owner of other property under the provision in the said Indenture contained of the Settlement of after [?] property of me the said Julia Augusta Gillum shall at any time hereafter become subject to the Trusts of the said Indenture of Settlement shall from and after the solemnization of the said intended marriage of the said Ella Gillum and Maxwell Homfray Smith belong to and be vested in the said Ella Gillum and be held in trust for the said Ella Gillum her executors administrators and assigns absolutely and shall be transferable to her or them forthwith upon the decease of the survivor of us the said Sidney George Gillum and Julia Augusta Gillum. Provided always and we the said Sidney George Gillum and Julia Augusta Gillum do hereby declare that if the said now intended marriage shall not take place within six calendar months from the date hereof these presents and every thing herein contained shall be void. In witness whereof we the said Sidney George Gillum and Julia Augusta Gilum have hereunto set our hands and seals the twentieth day of April one thousand eight hundred and ninety seven.

Signed sealed and delivered by the said Sidney George Gillum And Julia Augusta Gillum.

Maxwell-Gumbleton papers
20 Apr 1897

Thanks to Lucinda Steege for this document

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