Family trees

Gumbleton family trees constructed by the author and others. These may be larger than the screen size so some vertical and horizontal scrolling may be needed.

DatePersonSourceTitleLink to details
Britford Gumbletons Details
Descendants of Robert and Mary Gumbleton Details
William Gumbleton and Susannah Phipps of Sussex Details
Descendants of Robert and Sarah Gumbleton Details
Gumbleton Family of Ireland Details
This decendent chart is taken from information supplied by Don Skoff ( Atterbury family of Joyce Gomeldon Details
Colmer family Details
Detroit family of Gumbleton & Oconnor Details
Family of Muriel Gumbleton of NSW, Australia Details
Family of Grady of Capercullen, Co. Limerick Details
Robert GUMBLETON Steve West's family tree Details
Gomeldon family of Wiltshire, London and Kent Details
10 May 1811 Ann Rachel FOWKE Maxwell-Gumbleton papers Hancocke pedigree Details
Maxwell Homfray MAXWELL-GUMBLETON Maxwell-Gumbleton papers Families of Gumbleton, Homfray and Fourdrinier Details

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