Name: Amy GOMELDON  I0005 
Born: ca. 1649   
Baptised: 1649  St Peter le Poer, Middlesex, England
Parents: William GOMELDON Elizabeth SANDERS
Amy Gomeldon was a daughter of William Gomeldon and Elizabeth, nee Sanders. She was baptised in 1649 at St Peter le Poer Church, in the City of London.

She was married to Arthur Poulter, on 24 Aug 16721. Apparently he had died by 1680 and she was a widow when, under the assumed name of James Howard, she courted Arabella Hunt, the celebrated court musician. James Howard and Arabella Hunt were married at St Marylebone church on 12 September 1680, with Arabella's mother and two female neighbours as witnesses.

Arabella and 'James' lived together for about six months 'at bed and board' in the Haymarket, London, then separated, at which point Arabella sued for annulment in the London consistory court on the grounds that 'James Howard' was in fact a cross-dressing widow named Amy Poulter, née Gomeldon.

The suspicion was raised that Amy was of 'double gender (being usually called a hermaphrodite)', but examination by a jury of five midwives confirmed that she was a 'perfect woman in all her parts'. The marriage was annulled on 15 December 1682 on the grounds that two women could not contract a valid marriage with each other. Both parties were declared free to remarry, so long as they married men.2

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10 Jul 1649 Baptism of Amy GOMELDON St Peter le Poer, Middlesex, England Baptisms index
27 Aug 1672 Marriage of Amia GOMELDEN and Arthur POULTER Stouting, Kent, England Marriage index

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