Court proceedings: Surrey Quarter Sessions: Robert Cumbleton

Date: 6 Dec 1819
Place: Newington, Surrey

Printed Gaol Calendar

Michaelmas 1819: 6 December 1819
Robert Cumbleton
Court location:
Defendant's parish:
Lambeth, Surrey
Offence type:
Embezzlement & Fraud
Offence description:
Aged 42. Committed the 22nd of November, 1819, by R.J. Chambers and D. King, esqrs. charged and convicted on the oaths of Thomas Bickley and others, with unlawfully endeavouring to redeem a bible, which had been pledge with Andrew Maddocks, at Lambeth, and had been previously stolen from the said Thomas Bickley. - To be imprisoned one month.
Prison name:
Newington House Of Correction
Sentenced Prior To Session
To Be Imprisoned One Month - Continued Time.
Committing magistrates:
R. J. Chambers; D. King
Thomas Bickley
Thomas Bickley
Also checked bundle of indictments for 1819: QS2/7/1819. No indictment for this case found.

Also checked order book and session book but no record of this case found.

Surrey History Centre
6 Dec 1819

Thomas Bickley was a coach maker and harness maker in Clapham Road. It looks as though Robert Cumbleton took the bible and pawned it to raise some short-term cash, then tried to redeem it, perhaps intending to return it before it was missed. Cumbleton may well have been an employee of Bickley, as the crime was embezzlement and fraud, rather than theft.

It is most likely that the name should be 'Gumbleton' rather than 'Cumbleton'; there also appears to be an error in the age, as there is really no candidate who would have been 42 at the time. The most likely candidate seems to be the Robert Gumbleton who died in Southwark a few months later.

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