State papers: Bill to enable Elizabeth Gomeldon to enter her claim

Forfeited estates

A bill to enable Elizabeth Gomeldon, widow and her trustees to enter the respective claims before the commissioners and trustees for forfeited estates; and to impower the said commissioners and trustees to hear and determine the same.

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This refers to an indenture of 17 Jan 1693 between Thomas Gomeldon, late of Somerfield Court, William Gomeldon (son and heir apparent), Elizabeth (wife of William), Francis Barrell of the Middle Temple, London, Sir John Cropley of Brandon, Durham, Baronet, Henry Sawyer of Inner Temple, London, Thomas Drax of St Andrews Holborn, John Jones of Lyons Inn, Robert Knowling, George Peck.

Thomas Gomeldon conveyed several manors etc in Selling, Lymne, Monk, Shorton, Stantford & Swinffield in Kent to Thomas Drax and John Jones and their heirs, amongst other things to the use of Thomas Gomeldon for his life, and after his decease to the use of Robert Knowly and George Peck, for 500 years, upon trust that they should raise £400 as interest to be disposed of by Thomas Gomeldon. Some small part of the land was settled on Elizabeth Gomeldon for a jointure.

In Jan 1700 Elizabeth Gomeldon attained age of 21. She conveyed her lands of inheritance (worth £700 pa) to Thomas Gomeldon. Thomas granted to Elizabeth for her life three annuities or Rent Charges of £300, £200 and £100, to be the jointure of Elizabeth in case she survived her husband, on the proviso that if Thomas should pay Elizabeth £2000 and all arrears of the annuity, then the £200 annuity should cease.

On 23 May 1702 an indenture of Thomas Gomeldon and George Peck, William Gomeldon, Elizabeth his wife, Meliora Gomeldon, spinster, daughter of Thomas, Henry Sawyer, George Peck (in whom the residue of 500 years was invested). This assigns the residue of the term of 500 years and all lands etc to Meliora Gomeldon and Henry Sawyer in trust for the better securing and paying the annuities.

On 7 Jul 1702 the will of Thomas Gomeldon left his manors etc in Kent, Middlesex, Nottingham, etc, to Henry Sawyer and Francis Barker with the income going to his son Richard for his life and then to his heirs [Thomas died 22 May 1703]

Meliora married Thomas Stanley of Preston, Lancs

On 17 Jul 1710 John Piggott assigned the lands to Francis Barrell (in consideration of £200) in trust for Elizabeth Gomeldon who, since her husband William died in 1709, has received the rents, etc.

There was an act of Parliament for appointing 'commissioners to enquire of the estates of certain traytors and popish recusants, and of estates given to superstitious uses, in order to raise money out of them severally for the use of the publick'.

There was an act of parliament for vesting the forfeited estates of Great Britain and Ireland in trustees to be sold for the use of the publick.

Richard Gomeldon died in Aug 1718 without issue.

Thomas Stanley by marrying Meliora became entitled to the Manors of Thomas Gomeldon.

By the attainder of Thomas Stanley for high treason, the estates are forfeited and vested in the commissioners & trustees for forfeited estates.

Elizabeth did not enter a claim to the trustees within the time limit, not apprehending that she was obliged to, as Richard Gomeldon had died after the time limit.

Appeal to King & Parliament.

Forfeited estates (PRO FEC1 631-634)
ca. 1720

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