UK birth certificates

DateNamePlaceLink to certificate details
12 Mar 1842 Henry Gumbleton Market Bosworth RD (Registration district), Leicestershire, England Display details
21 Feb 1851 Harriet Gumbleton Newington, Surrey, England Display details
31 Mar 1869 Elizabeth Mary Gumbleton Lambeth, Surrey, England Display details
11 Sep 1879 Francis Charles Gray Shaftesbury RD (Registration district), Dorset, England Display details
11 Nov 1880 Herbert George Gumbleton Lambeth RD (Registration district), Surrey, England Display details
24 Apr 1884 Ellen Gumbleton Shaftesbury RD (Registration district), Dorset, England Display details
11 Feb 1887 Elizabeth Gumbleton Runcorn, Cheshire, England Display details
14 Jul 1897 Fanny Elizabeth Gumbleton Tisbury, Wiltshire, England Display details
6 Sep 1904 Walter George Gumbleton Richmond, Surrey, England Display details
23 Dec 1905 Gladys Mary Jones None Display details
23 Aug 1918 Beatrice Mabel GUMBLETON Shaftesbury (Town), Dorset, England Display details

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