UK death certificates

DateNamePlaceLink to certificate details
9 Jan 1844 John Gumbleton Wimborne Display details
12 Jun 1849 John Gumbleton Tisbury Display details
24 Nov 1861 Ann Gumbleton Hampstead Display details
1 Jan 1863 Lydia Gumbleton Hackney Display details
29 Mar 1872 Henry Gumbleton Chesterton Display details
4 Jun 1883 Mary Anne Mecham Camberwell Display details
17 Nov 1897 Martha Harriet Gumbleton Kings Lynn Display details
7 Aug 1903 Richard Gumbleton North East Fulham Display details
5 Jul 1908 Elizabeth Ann LEWIS Woolwich Display details
7 May 1909 Richard Gumbleton Lewisham Display details

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