References to non-Gumbleton events

DatePersonSourceTitleLink to details
7 Apr 1778 Ann Ensor Parish Register Baptism of Ann ENSOR Details
13 Apr 1800 Jane Gillard Milborne St Andrew Parish Register Baptism of Jane Gillard Details
20 Apr 1801 Elizabeth Arnold LDS VR Index Baptism of Elizabeth ARNOLD Details
3 Feb 1805 Mary Bishop Parish register Baptism of Mary Bishop Details
10 May 1809 Lydia Revell Poplar Parish Register Baptism of Lydia REVELL Details
3 Sep 1809 Elizabeth Porton LDS VR Index Baptism of Elizabeth Porten Details
7 Apr 1816 Martha England LDS VR Index Baptism of Martha ENGLAND Details
28 May 1820 Eliza Dunford Bishop's Transcript Baptism of Eliza Dunford Details
28 Oct 1846 Elizabeth Bowditch Birth Certificate Birth of Elizabeth BOWDITCH Details
1848 Charlotte Jane Cape GRO Births Dec Qr 1848; Vol.3 p.29 Birth of Charlotte Jane Cape Details
1851 Ellen Louisa Norrell GRO Birth Index Dec Qr 1851, Westhampnett: Vol.7 p.591 Birth of Ellen Louisa Norrell Details
1855 Mary Ann Mayo GRO Birth Index Mar Qr 1855, ShaftesburyVol.5ap.232 Birth of Mary Ann Mayo Details
1857 Sarah Ann Nodder GRO Birth Index, Dec Qr 1857, East London RD: Vol.1c p.25 Birth of Sarah Anne Nodder Details
1861 Sarah annie Taylor GRO Birth Registration. Sep 1861. ShaftesburyVol.5aP.225 Birth of Sarah Ann TAYLOR Details
1864 Eliza Jane Hopkins GRO Birth Indexes, Sep Qr 1864, Shaftesbury: Vol.5a p.218 Birth of Eliza Jane Hopkins Details
1870 Adelaide Foster GRO Birth Indexes, Jun Qr 1870, Dorchester: Vol.5a p.343 Birth of Adelaide Jane Foster Details
1873 Frances Ellen Nicholls GRO Birth Index Jun Qr 1873, Newmarket: Vol.3b p.568 Birth of Frances Ellen Nicholas Details
1881 Mary Ann Doel GRO Birth Index, Jun Qr 1881, Westbury: Vol.5a p.143 Birth of Mary Ann Doel Details
1882 Louise Mildred Stacey GRO Birth Index, Mar Qr 1882, Islington RD: Vol.1b p.399 Birth of Louise Mildred Stacey Details
1897 James Colmer GRO Death Index Vol.61 p.41 Death of James Colmer Details
1898 Bertha Florence Pell GRO Birth Index, Dec Qr 1898, West Ham: Vol.4a p.206 Birth of Bertha Florence Pell Details
1919 Jun Qr Civil registration Birth registration of Joan Kilbey Details

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