Private papers, letters and diaries: An account of the Irish boroughs, 1774

'An account of the Irish boroughs. ...

These calculations show that there are 25 tenants of the duke of Devonshire in Tallow who support his interest, and 13 who oppose it. Of these 38, it is noted: '... all their under-tenants vote, if they occupy, and they vote for them who pay most. ...' Among the 25 who support Devonshire are Digby Foulke, Richard Gumbleton, Richard Keily, Charles Seward, etc. The 13 who oppose him include John Croker and Henry Wallis, the latter of whom is described as an opposition candidate. at Lismore there are 15 supporters of Devonshire, and only one opponent, who is Mr Musgrave. These figures relate, presumably, only to Devonshire tenants. The Devonshire supporters include Charles Baggs, Henry Eeeles, Richard Gumbleton, Dr Gervais, Thomas Garde and John Conner.

At Dungarvan, the Devonshire supporters number eight and the opposition again, only one, who is [? Benjamin] Green. The Devonshire supporters include [the ? Keanes] and Richard Keily and John Smyth (Keily is also a Tallow supporter and Smyth a Lismore).

Nothing is said about Bandon except: 'Bandon upon an agreement'.

Of Youghal it is said: '... now in the hands of Lord Shannon'.

There is then a comment about the seneschal of Tallow and Lismore. 'The returning officer to be appointed, and not Mr Conner, for Tallow and Lismore. George Sullivan of Lismore, gentleman, now holds the courts. A proper person to be trusted, if he will accept of it, to be seneschal of Lismore and Tallow. ...' A concluding set of figures show that the Devonshire Irish estate has risen in rental, due to re-lettings, since 1763 by £2,118 18s. 4d. It is mentioned that Lord Mansfield [surviving trustee of Lord Burlington's will] executed various leases on the estate in June 1767.

Public Record Office for Northern Ireland, Ref: T3158/1666
ca. 1774

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