Name: John GUMBLETON  L0721 
Born: ca. 1707   
Baptised: 18 Mar 1706/7  Cann, Dorset, England
Buried: 28 Jun 1769  Cann, Dorset, England
Occupation:Yeoman farmer   
Spouse 1Elizabeth GUMBLETON
Married 23 Jul 1743
Cann, Dorset, England
Child 1 M17444 Mary GUMBLETON ca. 1744
Child 2 M0746 John GUMBLETON ca. 1746
Child 3 M0749 Elisabeth GUMBLETON ca. 1749
Child 4 M0751 William GUMBLETON ca. 1751
Child 5 M0018 Edith GUMBLETON ca. 1756
Child 6 M0756 Robert GUMBLETON ca. 1756
Child 7 M0761 James GUMBLETON ca. 1761
Child 8 M0763 Sophy GUMBLETON ca. 1763
John Gumbleton was one of the Children of John Gumbleton, of Cann, Dorset, and his wife Edith, nee Haskoll. He was baptised on 18 Mar 1706/7 at Cann.

In 1737, his father died and John was mentioned in the will.

In 1743, he married Elizabeth Gumbleton at Cann, Dorset: one of the very few examples of two Gumbletons intermarrying. They had eight children between 1744 and 1763.

Also in 1743, John, described as a yeoman, leased some land at Stubhampton in Tarrant Gunville, Dorset, from Henry Lord Arundell.

John died in 1769 and was buried in Cann. 

18 Mar 1706/7 Baptism of John GUMBLETON Cann, Dorset, England Baptisms index
1732 Lease to John Gumbleton of land at Tarrant Gunville Cann, Dorset, England View details
12 May 1737 John GUMBLETON referenced in Will of John Gumbleton Senior of Shaftesbury St Rumbolls Shaftesbury, Dorset View details
1743 Lease to John Gombleton of Cann Cann, Dorset View details
23 Jul 1743 Marriage of John GUMBLETON and Elizabeth GUMBLETON Cann, Dorset, England Marriage index
28 Jun 1769 Burial of John GUMBLETON Cann, Dorset, England Burials index#93

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