Name: John T GUMBLETON  Q0132 
Born: 28 Apr 1853  Detroit, Michigan, USA
Parents: Thomas GUMBLETON Ann EGAN
Died:27 Jul 1937 Detroit, Michigan, USA
Spouse 1Julia MANN
Child 1 R0155 Alphonsus Leo GUMBLETON 1892
Child 2 R0157 Irving GUMBLETON 1894
Child 3 R0219 Marguerite GUMBLETON 1897
Child 4 R0156 Vincent Thomas GUMBLETON 1898
Child 5 R0212 Irene GUMBLETON 27 Feb 1895
Child 6 Q0190 Mary (or May) GUMBLETON ca. 1876
Child 7 Q0181 Loretta GUMBLETON Aug 1883
John T Gumbleton was a son of Thomas Gumbleton and his wife Anna nee McKenna. He was born 28 Apr 1853 in Detroit, Michigan.

He married Julia Mann, probably in the 1880s.

In 1910 they were living in Detroit Ward 6, Wayne, Michigan. John, aged 58, was employed as a coffee roaster.

John died of myocarditis on 27 Jul 1937. His death certificate confirms his birth date, parentage and wife’s name, and gives his address as 5853 Rogers. He was buried at Holy Sepulchre on 30 Jul 1937. 

1 Apr 1860 John Gumitten (age 7) living in Detroit Ward 8, Wayne, Michigan in US_1860 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1860 census
1 Jun 1870 John Gumbleton (age 17) living in Detroit Ward 9, Wayne, Michigan in US_1870 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1870 census
1 Jan 1900 John Gumbleton (age 47) living in Michigan, Wayne: Detroit Ward 14 in US_1900 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1900 census
1 Jan 1910 Gumbleton, John (age 58) living in Detroit Ward 6, Wayne, Michigan in US_1910 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1910 census
1 Jan 1920 John Gumbleton (age 66) living in Detroit Ward 16, Wayne, Michigan in US_1920 census Detroit, Michigan, USA US_1920 census
27 Jul 1937 Death certificate of John T Gumbleton Detroit, Michigan, USA View details

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