Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, England

Hurstbourne Tarrant is a village in the Test Valley. in northern Hampshire, England. The Tarrant part of the name originates from 1226, when the manor was given to Tarrant Abbey, a Cistercian abbey in Tarrant Crawford, Dorset. It was held by them until the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Its connection with the Gumbleton family arose when William Gomeldon married Dorothy Hellyer, a native of Hurstbourne Tarrant, in 1578. The Hellyers were an established Hurstbourne Tarrant family. For example, the following references have been researched by Les Hatton:

Robert Helliar baptised 06.02.1548 Hurstbourne Tarrant s of William PT
Benet Helliar baptised 09.11.1648 Hurstbourne Tarrant s of William PT
Robert Helliar baptised 05.11.1553 Hurstbourne Tarrant s of William PT
Agnes Helliar baptised 06.02.1656 Hurstbourne Tarrant d of William PT
William Hellyer, will, of Hurstbourne Tarrant 1543B/047 Hants RO
William Hellyer, will, of Upton, Hurstbourne Tarrant 1547U/12
John Hellyer, will, yeoman, of Hurstbourne Tarrant 1587/049
John Hellyer, will, yeoman, of Hurstbourne Tarrant 1620/045
  Inventory of Eleanor Hellyer of Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire 1642AD/16
Will of Alice Hellier of Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, widow 1646A/40
Will and inventory of John Helliar of Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire,
yeoman 1661A/058
Hellyer Family Name DS/UK/1535 in Hants RO
Hurstbourne Tarrant is about 24 miles north-east of Salisbury: the area more strongly associated with the early Gumbletons.

Events associated with Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, England

18 Aug 1601 Burial of Dorothye GUMELLDON Dorothy HELLYER Burials index
17 Sep 1607 Burial of William GOMELDON William GOMELDON Burials index

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