Name: William GOMELDON  F0001 
Parents: Roger Gomeldon Alice Wymbledon
Buried: 17 Sep 1607  Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire, England
Spouse 1Ann Unknown
(Died 1577 Idmiston, Wiltshire, England)
Child 1 G0014 Johanna GUMBLETON
Child 2 G0003 Margaret GOMELDON ca. 1567
Child 3 G0004 Roger GOMELDON ca. 1572
Child 4 G0009 Anna GOMELDON ca. 1573
Spouse 2Dorothy HELLYER
Married 18 Dec 1578
Idmiston, Wiltshire, England
Child 1 G0006 Lawra GOMELDON
Child 2 G0007 John GOMELDON
Child 3 G0008 William GOMELDON
Child 4 G0001 Mary GOMELDON ca. 1579
Child 5 G0002 Gabriel GOMELDON ca. 1582
Child 6 G0005 Christian GOMELDON ca. 1587
William Gomeldon was a Gentleman of Porton, Wiltshire. His date of birth is unknown, but the first reference to him is in the will of his father, Roger Gomeldon, proved in 1547. This sets out what will happen when William “comes of age of 20 years”, so he must have been below that age in 1547.

His first wife was named Ann, but we have not located the marriage with any certainty. One possibility is the marriage on 30 Jun 1568 between Wyllyam GUMBELLTON and Agnis WALKER at Salisbury St Edmund, Wiltshire. The location is right but the date looks slightly wrong and the difference of name (Agnes versus Ann) is unconvincing.

William and Ann had at least three children (Margaret GOMELDON [G0003], born ca. 1567, Roger GOMELDON [G0004], born ca. 1572, and Anna GOMELDON [G0009], born ca. 1573) before her death in 1577.

He married his second wife, Dorothy Hellyer on 18 Dec 1578, in Idmiston, Wiltshire. She was from Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire. The Gomeldons may already have had property in the Hurstbourne Tarrant area, or may have acquired it later from the Hellyer family. The Hellyers seem to have been yeoman farmers (eg there is a will of "John Hellier of Hurstbourne Tarrant, yeoman", dated 1587, in Hampshire Record Office). William and Dorothy had at least a further 6 children.

In 1581, William was sued by his half brother, John Walrond, over an agreement to set the latter up with property

At some point, William must have sold the family's estate in Idmiston: it may have been in 1600, as there is a deed relating to the property that dates from that year.

Dorothy (nee Hellyer) died in 1601 and was buried in Hurstbourne Tarrant. William Gomeldon survived until 1607 and was buried in the same parish. 

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