Published genealogies and biographies: London Pedigrees & coats of arms 1664 & 1667

To all and Singuler unto whom these presents shall come Sir Edward Walker Knight Garter Principall King of Armes of Englishmen sendeth greeting Whereas WILLIAM GOMELDON (H0002) Esq. Jeweller unto the Queene Ma[]tie & RICHARD GOMELDON (H0004) of London Merchant Sonnes of Roger Gomeldon (G0004) late of London Merchant Aduenturer & Grandchildren of William Gomeldon (F0001) of Porton in the County of Wilts have produced authentique Copies of seuerall Inquisitions the ffirst taken in the ffirst yeare of the Reigne of King Edward the second, the second taken in the sixt yeare of ye raigne of ye same King, by both wch it appears that WILLIAM DE GOMELDON married one of ye daughters and heires of John de Maresco who held certaine lands in Wike near Eastbury by the 4th part of a Knights fee, the third taken in the 1st yeare of King Edward the third whereby it appeareth that JOHN DE GOMELDON held diuers landes in Porton by the ffowerth part of a Knights fee and that JOHN DE GOMELDON was his heire. The fourth taken in the twelfth yeare of the Reigne of King Henry the sixth, whereby it was found that THOMAS GOMELDON held certaine Landes in Porton & Winterborne Earles in the said County of Wilts by the ffowerth part of a Knights fee and that WILLIAM GOMELDON was his heire. The 5th the six & twentieth yeare of the Reigne of King Henry the Eighth whereby it was found that JOHN GOMELDON held certaine Landes in Porton and Winterborne afforesaid and that ROGER GOMELDON was his heire. And it also apeareing unto mee that JOHN and WILLIAM GOMELDON Uncles unto WILLIAM GOMELDON of London serued Prince Henry and Queene Anne in places of good esteeme and that the three sonnes of the before named WILLIAM GOMELDON were all comanders in the Warrs and that two of them were slaine in his late Ma[]ties seruice Notwithstanding all which the Estate of this Family being sold and all the elder Branches extinct there descent from JOHN GOMELDON who held Porton the six and twentyeth yeare of King Henry the Eighth cannot exactly bee deduced nor there Armes certainly described I the said Sr Edward Walker knt. Garter Principall King of Armes by the power and authority anexed unto my Office by the Statutes of the most noble order of the Garter and confirmed to mee by Letters Pattents under the greate Seale of England Doe hereby giue grant ratifie and confirme unto the said WILLIAM and RICHARD GOMELDON, the Armes and Crest hereafter mentioned which it appeares unto mee (hath with the charge of Gutte Gules been borne formerly by them) viz : Argent upon a Fesse Wauey Gulles three Mulletts or, and as a Testimony of theire Fidelity by way of Addition upon a Canton Azure a Flower de Lice or and for theire Crest upon a Helmet Proper, Mantled Gules doubled argent & wreath of theire Colours, A Demy Griphon Argent Beake and membred Gules Langued and Armed azure holding a mullet Or as in the margent hereof more liuely is depicted the which Armes Crest and addition the said William & Richard Gomeldon and their heires and descendants of theire Bodies lawfully begotten for euer (bearing there due and Proper differancies) may and shall lawfully at all times and upon all ocasions use beare and sett forth in Sheild Coate Armour Pennon Seale or otherwise according to the law and Practice of Armes without the let or interuption of any person whatsoeuer in Witness whereof I haue hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the Seale of my office this 10th day of Nouember in the ffowerteenth yeare of Reigne of our Soueraigne Lord Charles the second by the grace of God King of England Scotland France and Ireland Annoq Dom[] 1662.
Edward Walker

Harl. MS. 1172, fo. 42
1664 & 1667

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