Other wills and administrations: Will of Roger Gomedon senr of Porton

Gomeldon, Roger, senr; Yeoman; Porton, Idmiston; 1547-7; Inventory; Will; P2/G/1, P2/2Reg/33

Note, the handwriting of this will is very difficult to read, so there are some omissions and may be a few mistakes in the transcription below. I haven't stuck rigorously to the original spelling.

Roger Gomeldon of Porton In Dei nomine amen anno domini 1546 the 15th day of August. I Roger Gomeldon of Pourton in the parish of Idmiston within the County of Wiltshire sick in body but whole in mind and of perfect remembrance make my testament and last will in this manner following.

First I bequeath my soul to almighty God and to all the Holy Company of Heaven and my body to be buried within the churchyard at Idmiston.

Item, I give and bequeath to the parish church of Idmiston 2 good sheep and also to the chapel of Porton 2 sheep.

Item, I bequeath to my 3 brothers twenty good sheep for those that I had of them at shear time.

Item, to my brother Coxe 12 bushels of barley to be delivered before Christmas next.

Item, to Richard Compton, Simon Broxwell, Paule Phillips and Marjorie Gybens every one of them a bushel of wheat.

Item, to every godchild a ewe lambe.

Item, to William Cooke & Helayne ux. [his wife] the lease? of their house for the term[?] of 10 years from Michaelmas next.

Item, to Thomas Gomeldon the lease of his house as long as he like to keep it.

Item, I bequeath to Richard Rampling[?] 2 bushels of barley 3 for [..] down in his corn.

All the residue of my goods unbequeathed I give and bequeath unto Alice my wife and to my 3 children whom I ordain to be executors of this my will and I will that as long as my wife remaineth unmarried they shall occupy the said goods together and when the said Alice my wife is towards marriage she shall have half my goods with the use and occupying of my house cart and horses until my son William come to the age of 20 years and the other half of my goods to be divided among my children by the discretion of my overseers and my wife as long as she shall occupy the said house shall keep to the use and profit of my children 40 wethers of their portion and if it fortune any of my three children to die the portion to be divided among the other of my children that lyve.

Also I will that when my son william come[?] to the age of 20 years my wife shall leave him my house and deliver him my coal[?] and three horses.

Furthermore I will that William my son shall take the rents fines and heriots of tenements at Wynterborne when [...]. Item, I will that my father in law William Wymbledon, Henry Beld[?], and Thomas Gomeldon, be overseers of this my testament and last will and said Harry and Thomas shall have every of their [?].

These being witnesses Edward Langtree, Henry [?], Thomas Gomeldon, William Che[...] with other men.


   |                                |
   |           _____________________|_______________________________
   |          |             |             |             |           |
 Alice     = Roger       Brother 1      Brother 2   Brother 3    Sister = unknown
 Wymbledon | Gomeldon    Thomas?                                          Cox
           | d.1547
   |                 |
William         2 siblings
Gomeldon        one may be Roger
b. aft.1527     one may be John [F0003]

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