Porton, Wiltshire, England

Andrews and Drury's map, 1773 showing Porton
Porton is a hamlet to the south-west of Idmiston, beside the river Bourne, in Wiltshire. It is about 6.5 miles nort-east of Salisbury and adjacent to the hamlet of Gomeldon or Gumbledon.

TheGumbleton/Gomeldon family were associated with this area from at least the fourtheenth century. The Wiltshire Inquisitions Post Mortem (feudal courts which decided the inheritance of land) record that in 1326/7 (20 Edw. II), John de Gomeldon held diverse lands in Porton by the fourth part of a knight's fee and John de Gomeldon was his heir. A knight's fee was a unit measure of land deemed sufficient to support a knight, his family, esquires and servants, and provide the necessary income for horses, weapons and armour to fight in battle. An average size would be between 1,000 and 5,000 acres, so a quarter of a knight's fee must have been an area of land 250 and 1200 acres.

About 100 years later, in 1433/4 (12 Henry VI) another IPM records that Thomas Gomeldon held certain lands in Porton and Winterborne Earles by the fourth part of knight's fee and William Gomeldon was his heir. This is probably the same piece of land and my indeed be the same lands referred to in 1534/5 (26 Hy. VIII), when another IPM records that John Gomeldon held certain landes in Porton and Winterborne and Roger Gomeldon was his heir.

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