Land and Property: Marriage settlement of Richard Gumbleton and Miss Connor

Settlement made on intermarriage of Richard Gumbleton the younger with Miss Connor

27 May 1743

The following is a summary compiled by Jane Wood who noted that the entire settlement took abot 20 pages in the book of deeds. The original included at least one long entail in relation to Elizabeth' annuity

  1. Richard Gumbleton of Tallagh co. Waterford esq and Richard Gumbleton the younger of Marston co Cork esq son and heir of the said Richard Gumbleton the elder.
  2. Robert Warren of Kilbarry co. Cork esq and Rev Thomas Dawson of Tallagh co. Cork Doctor of Law
  3. George Connor of Bandon co. Cork Esq
  4. William Connor of Connorville co Cork and Henry Baldwin the younger of Coraghiordy co Cork
  5. Daniel Connor of Bandon co Cork and Elizabeth Connor spinster daughter of said Daniel Connor
Quoting indentures dated 9 June 1739

A marriage intended by the grace of God to be shortly had and solemnised between the said Richard Gumbleton the younger and the said Elizabeth Connor.
Marriage portion of Elizabeth Connor £2000 to be paid by Daniel Connor.
A sum of £100 to be paid by Daniel Connor to Richard Gumbleton the younger on the birth of each of the first three children that shall be begotten by him on the body of Elizabeth. Trustees (3) for term of 100 years.
Provision for Elizabeth in case she shall happen to survive Richard. An annuity of £114 per year from lands of Unnery and Tonerade East and West Knocknallygadromy and an annuity of £86 per year from lands of Ballygarren, payable half yearly 1st May 1st November, first payment due on the next such day after death of Richard. Annuity to pass to Elizabeth's heirs. Trustees as above.
If Richard dies without male heirs of Elizabeth who survive to age 21 but leaves daughters then single daughter has £2000 at marriage or age 21 and if 2 or more daughters then £3000 to be split equally between them at marriage or age 21 and in the meantime to maintain daughters at the rate of £5 per year for every £100 of their portion to be paid half yearly.
If a son living at Richard's death and also daughters and/or younger sons then £2000 to be split between them in proportions according to Richard's will to be paid them at marriage or age 21 with maintenance at rate of £50 per year for every £100 of their portion to be paid half yearly. If any children die their portion to be split between the remainder. Trustees as above, for term of 200 years.
Portions to Elizabeth to take priority over those to the children.

27 May 1743

Transcribed by Jane Wood

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