US 1930 census

Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

James D GUMBLETON Head 23 S New Jersey Wh
Edmund J GUMBLETON Brother 21 S Massachusetts Wh
Maurice R GUMBLETON Brother 19 S Massachusetts Wh
John F GUMBLETON Brother 17 S Massachusetts Wh
Margaret E GUMBLETON Sister 13 S Massachusetts Wh
Mary E GUMBLETON Sister 10 S Massachusetts Wh
George B GUMBLETON Brother 8 S Massachusetts Wh
Ellen GUMBLETON Mother 47 Wid Irish Free State Wh

Massachusetts: Worcester City

Delia GUMBLETON Head 61 Wid Irish Free State Wh
Mary A GUMBLETON Dau 39 S Massachusetts Wh
Gertrude T GUMBLETON Dau 35 S Massachusetts Wh
John W GUMBLETON, Jr Son 33 S Massachusetts WH
Marguerite GUMBLETON Dau 24 S Massachusetts Wh
Josephine B GUMBLETON Dau 22 S Massachusetts Wh

New York, Smithtown: St Johnsland Home

Peter J GUMBLETON - 47 S New York (parents Ireland) Wh

District of Columbia: Washington

Michael L GUMBLETON Head 58 S New York (Parents Ireland) Wh
Emma ELI Housekeeper 44 S Texas Neg

Massachusetts: Worcester; Fitchburg

James GUMBLETON Head 45 M Irish Free State Wh
Bridget GUMBLETON Wife 39 M Irish Free State Wh
Margaret GUMBLETON Dau 13 S Massachusetts Wh
John F GUMBLETON Son 12 S Massachusetts Wh
Mary J GUMBLETON Dau 10 S Massachusetts Wh
James B GUMBLETON Son 8 S Massachusetts Wh

Pennsylvania: Erie; Corry

William GUMBLETON Head 46 M New York (parents Irish Free State) Wh
Andrea GUMBLETON Wife 37 M Pennsylvania (parents Denmark) Wh
Florence GUMBLETON Dau 16 S Pennsyvania Wh
Helen GUMBLETON Dau 13 S Pennsyvania Wh
William GUMBLETON Son 10 S Pennsylvania Wh

New Jersey: Mercer; Trenton City. State Prison

Eugene GUMBLETON Prisoner 24 S Maine (parents U.S.) Wh

Michigan: Monroe City. St Mary's College and Academy

Mary GUMBLETON Inmate 43 S Michigan (parents Michigan) Wh

Michigan: Wayne; Detroit. Marygrove College

Irene E GUMBLETON - 35 S Michigan (father MI, mother Canada) Wh

Michigan: Wayne; Dearborn. St Joseph's Retreat

Anna GUMBLETON - 79 S Michigan (parents Irish Free State) Wh

Michigan: Genesee; Flint

Loretta GUMBLETON Roomer 36 S Michigan (parents Michigan) Wh

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