US 1930 census

The US 1930 census was taken on 1 April 1930. So far, we have had access to only a limited number of records but, for each household, we have recorded the names of the occupants, their ages, place of birth and occupation. Birth places of parents are also noted when these are available.

Medford, Middlesex, Massachusetts

James D GUMBLETON Head 23 S New Jersey
Edmund J GUMBLETON Brother 21 S Massachusetts
Maurice R GUMBLETON Brother 19 S Massachusetts
John F GUMBLETON Brother 17 S Massachusetts
Margaret E GUMBLETON Sister 13 S Massachusetts
Mary E GUMBLETON Sister 10 S Massachusetts
George B GUMBLETON Brother 8 S Massachusetts
Ellen GUMBLETON Mother 47 Wid Irish Free State

Massachusetts: Worcester City

Delia GUMBLETON Head 61 Wid Irish Free State
Mary A GUMBLETON Dau 39 S Massachusetts
Gertrude T GUMBLETON Dau 35 S Massachusetts
John W GUMBLETON, Jr Son 33 S Massachusetts
Marguerite GUMBLETON Dau 24 S Massachusetts
Josephine B GUMBLETON Dau 22 S Massachusetts

New York, Smithtown: St Johnsland Home

Peter J GUMBLETON - 47 S New York (parents Ireland)

District of Columbia: Washington

Michael L GUMBLETON Head 58 S New York (Parents Ireland)
Emma ELI Housekeeper 44 S Texas

Massachusetts: Worcester; Fitchburg

James GUMBLETON Head 45 M Irish Free State
Bridget GUMBLETON Wife 39 M Irish Free State
Margaret GUMBLETON Dau 13 S Massachusetts
John F GUMBLETON Son 12 S Massachusetts
Mary J GUMBLETON Dau 10 S Massachusetts
James B GUMBLETON Son 8 S Massachusetts

Pennsylvania: Erie; Corry

William GUMBLETON Head 46 M New York (parents Irish Free State)
Andrea GUMBLETON Wife 37 M Pennsylvania (parents Denmark)
Florence GUMBLETON Dau 16 S Pennsylvania
Helen GUMBLETON Dau 13 S Pennsylvania
William GUMBLETON Son 10 S Pennsylvania

New Jersey: Mercer; Trenton City. State Prison

Eugene GUMBLETON Prisoner 24 S Maine (parents U.S.)

Michigan: Monroe City. St Mary's College and Academy

Mary GUMBLETON Inmate 43 S Michigan (parents Michigan)

Michigan: Wayne; Detroit. Marygrove College

Irene E GUMBLETON - 35 S Michigan (father MI, mother Canada)

Michigan: Wayne; Dearborn. St Joseph's Retreat

Anna GUMBLETON - 79 S Michigan (parents Irish Free State)

Michigan: Genesee; Flint

Loretta GUMBLETON Roomer 36 S Michigan (parents Michigan)

Detroit District 653, Wayne, Michigan

Vincent Gumbelton Head 29 Mar Michigan (parents Michigan) Follow up man - Auto axle factory
Helen Gumbelton Wife 28 Mar Ohio (parents Germany/Pennsylvania) None
Loretta Gumbelton Dau 7 S Michigan None
Vincent W Gumbelton Son 6 S Michigan None
Gerard Gumbelton Son 4.10 S Michigan None
Raymond Gumbelton Son 3.3 S Michigan None
Irene Gumbelton Dau 1.3 S Michigan None
Thomas Gumbelton Son 0.4 S Michigan None

Detroit District 484, Wayne, Michigan

Irving P Gumbelton Head 42 Mar Michigan (parents Michigan/Canada) Locomotive engineer - railroad
Emelia C Gumbelton Wife 40 Mar Canada-French(both parents Canada-French) None
Marie C Gumbelton Dau 15 S Michigan (parents Michigan/Canada) None
Loretta M Gumbleton Dau 14 S Michigan (parents Michigan/Canada) None
Marguerite T Gumbleton Dau 13 S Michigan (parents Michigan/Canada) None

District 3, Lowndes, Mississippi

Samelam[?] Gambleton Head 65? Mar Mississippi Farm - general farm
Bettie Gambleton Wife 53 Mar Mississippi None
Sallie Daniel Mother in law None Wid Mississippi None

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