Henry Conner GUMBLETON

Name: Henry Conner GUMBLETON  M1004 
Parents: Richard Joseph GUMBLETON Elizabeth CONNER
Spouse 1Sarah MASSY
Married 1791
(Died 1845)
Child 1 O1010 Richard Henry GUMBLETON
Child 2 N0053 Margaret Massy GUMBLETON
Child 3 O0062a Sarah GUMBLETON
Child 4 O1012 Catherine GUMBLETON
Child 5 O1013 Elizabeth GUMBLETON
Child 6 O1014 Mary Anne GUMBLETON
Child 7 O1011 William GUMBLETON 1807
He was a son of Richard Joseph Gumbleton and his wife Elizabeth (nee Conner).

He was a commissioned officer in the 13th Hussars, being awarded the rank of Cornet on 29 June 1780; Lieutenant on 13th December 1783; and Captain 14th February 1786.

In 1790, he fought a duel with a Mr Power, the son of Richard Power, Esq. Mr Power was shot dead.

In 1791, he married Hon. Sarah Massy, sister of Hugh Massy, 3rd Baron Massy. They had six children.

He retired from the army on 31st March 1793. He rented Curraglass House, on the Tallow to Conna road in Co. Cork, Ireland.

In 1831, he was made High Sheriff of County Waterford.

He died in 1834 and his widow died in 1845. 

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