Court proceedings: Poole v Barrell, Sawyer, Barker and Gomeldon

Copy of a decree in Chancery relating to the cause of James and Meliora Poole and Francis and Anne Barrell versus Henry Barrell, Henry Sawyer, Francis Barker, William Gomeldon and Richard Gomeldon relating to the estate of the late Thomas Gomeldon; 28 Feb. 1705

Recites the substance of the plaintiffs' bill, namely that Thomas Gomeldon mortgaged various properties in Kent and London [specified] as security for the discharge of several bonds entered into by Sir John Cropley; included proviso that if there was default in discharging the bonds, the mortgaged property should be sold; notes that the money has not been discharged and the creditors threaten to put the bonds in suit against Barrell and his wife as executors of Cropley's will; as a result, they have applied to Barrell and Sawyer to sell the property and use the purchase money to discharge the bonds, but the latter have refused to do so; notes that Gomeldon was also seized of the manor of Flawborough and of property in Flawborough, Staunton, Kilvington, Orston and Dallington in Nottinghamshire, expectant on the death of his eldest son, William.

Gives details of the will of Thomas Gomeldon [see Ne D 1697]; notes that he died in 1703 and that in 1704 his daughter, Meliora, married James Poole, and thereby became entitled to a £4,000 portion; as a result of this charge on Gomeldon's estate, argues that his debts cannot be discharged without the sale of the Nottinghamshire estate; gives details of responses to the bill of complaint; orders that Barker, who wishes to be discharged from his trust, should assign the trust to Sawyer; Barrell and Sawyer are to make a sale to raise the £4,000 portion for Meliora and also to discharge the bonds and other debts of Thomas Gomeldon; the matter is to be referred to Doctor Edisbury to compute the interest charges due and make an account of the debts; as a condition of the marriage portion being paid, James Pool is to make an appropriate settlement upon his wife; orders that the trustees will be indemnified.

Nottingham University Archives
28 Feb 1705

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