Name: Meliora GOMELDON  J0009 
Born: ca. 1674   
Parents: Thomas GOMELDON Phalatias DRAX
Buried: 17 Jun 1749  St Oswald, Winwick, Lancashire, England
Spouse 1James POOLE
(Died 1706)
Spouse 2Thomas STANLEY
Thomas and Meliora had 2 children: Meliora and Richard Stanley.

The daughter, Meliora Stanley, married William Dicconson of Wrightington, Lancashire. He was born 24 Oct1729, at Wrightington Hall, Culcheth, Lancs, son of Edward Dicconson and Mary Blount (source: LDS trees)

Meliora Dicconson wife of William was buried 14 Feb1794, Eccleston, Lancs (source LDS)

Meliora Stanley, wife of Thomas, esq of Culcheth was buried 17 Jun 1749 St Oswald, Winwick, Lancs (source LDS)
William Dicconson died 14 Apr1801and was buried 21 Apr1801, St Mary the Virgin, Eccleston, Lancs (source LDS).

In the church of St Mary the Virgin, at Eccleston there is a slab to:

Meliora Dicconson, wife of William, of Wrightington, Lancashire and daughter of Thomas and Meliora Stanley of Little Eccleston in the Field, died 29 Jan1794

Thanks to Les Hatton for the information

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