Land and Property: Assignment from William Gomeldon and others to Robert Monckton and William Jessop

Assignment from William Gomeldon and others to Robert Monckton and William Jessop of a term of 500 years on the manor of Flawborough and property in Staunton, Shelton, Orston, Kilvington and Dallington, Nottinghamshire; 12 Mar. 1704/5

First Party: William Gomeldon, esquire, of Somerfield Court, Sellinge, Kent, eldest son and heir of Thomas Gomeldon and his wife, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of the late John Cropley; Richard Gomeldon, gentleman, of London; James Poole, esquire, of Poole, Cheshire and his wife, Meliora, daughter of Thomas Gomeldon; and Henry Sawyer, esquire, of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex.

Second Party: John [Holles, 3rd] Duke of Newcastle upon Tyne.

Third Party: Robert Monckton, esquire, of Hodrod, Yorkshire and William Jessop, esquire, of Broome Hall, Yorkshire.

In consideration of the sum of £4,120 paid to Henry Sawyer by (2) for the marriage portion of Meliora Poole, and of £2,157 paid to Fortune Smith by (2) in discharge of a mortgage recited at (h) and (i) below, and of £2,223 paid to Sawyer by (2), making a total of £8,500, assignment from (1) to (3) at the nomination of (2) of the manor of Flawborough also known as Delhow, Nottinghamshire, together with property in Staunton, Shelton, Orston, Kilvington and Dallington; property to be held by (3) for the residue of a term of 500 years in trust for (2).

Recitals: (a) details of the will of the late Thomas Gomeldon [see Ne D 1697]; (b) fact that Gomelston's debts and legacies amount to more than the sum of £8,500; (c) fact that Francis Barker assigned his trust under the will to Henry Sawyer [see Ne D 1700]; (d) fact that Sawyer has been decreed to sell the property in question for the residue of a term of 500 years to raise money to pay the debts; (e) fact that a schedule is attached listing those debts which have been proved; (f) fact that all of the parties have agreed to join in the sale; (f) fact that (2) has agreed to give £8,500 for the property; (g) fact that the duke has agreed to give the sum on condition that the freehold and inheritance will be conveyed to him; (h) mortgage of the property concerned dated 1 and 2 Jun. 1699; (i) fact that the property was later charged with a further sum of £500; (j) fact that the sum of £2,157 remains owing to Fortune Smith for the principal and interest; (k) fact that it has been agreed that the mortgage will be conveyed to (2).

Includes a schedule of legacies and debts of the late Thomas Gomeldon.

The document is dated 12 Mar. 4 Anne; this has been equated to 1704 on the document but has been corrected to 1705. PreviousNumbers Class B, Partition 28, Bundle B8, Number 32; see index volume 3 [Ne D 3], p 318.

University of Nottingham Manuscripts and Special Collections
Ne D 1702
12 Mar 1704/5

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