Other wills and administrations: Will of Dame Margaret Drax of Kensington

Summary of will of Dame Margaret Drax of Kensington 1682, taken from Smith collection, Society of genealogists, London

Date 11 Feb 1682 (I think this is the date it was proved)

Dame Margaret Drax of Kensington (widow of Sir James Drax)
Bequests to many people including:
- Gumbleton £200
- Gumbleton £200 (daughter of younger sonne of Daughter Gumbleton)
[-] are to be that the said children are not abused of their legacies by their parents.

Thomas Gomeldon = Phalatia ? d. of Sir James Drax
   |                 |                    |
 Richard            Meliora          William

Summary taken from Smith Collection, SoG
11 Feb 1682

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