Poor Law, Settlements and Bastardy

DatePersonSourceTitleLink to details
15 Nov 1749 Mary GUMBLETON Dorset History Centre Mary Gumbleton removal order Details
19 Nov 1749 Mary GUMBLETON Dorset History Centre Mary Gombleton Settlement examination Details
11 Jul 1792 William Gumbleton TNA Catalogue Poor relief for William Gumbleton and family Details
6 Nov 1792 Robert GUMBLETON Wilts OPC Bastardy examination of Elizabeth Fletcher Details
21 Jan 1794 Robert GUMBLETON Wilts OPC Bastardy examination of Martha Lucas Details
9 Dec 1800 Jane GUMBLETON Somerset Heritage Centre: R.O.T. 1800 (N.Cad) DD/X/PR32 Jane Gumbleton removal order Details
1814-1829 James GUMBLETON Ancestry.co.uk Cann overseers accounts Details
1851 Hants R.O. Samuel Gumbleton, removal Details
1901 Benjamin William GUMBLETON Chelsea Workhouse Discharge books Chelsea Workhouse: Benjamin Gumbleton Details
5 Feb 1907 Elizabeth ELLIS St Luke Chelsea Admissions and Discharges (LMA) Workhouse admissions book: Elizabeth Gumbleton Details
28 Jul 1908 Mrs Martha FEIST Woolwich Union Workhouse admissions Workhouse admission of Martha Gumbleton Details

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