US 1940 census

The US 1940 census was taken on 1 April 1940. So far, we have had access to only a limited number of records but, for each household, we have recorded the names of the occupants, their ages, place of birth and occupation.

Siloam, Randolph, Arkansas, USA

V H Gumbleton Head 29 Mar Arkansas Laborer WPA
Myrtle Gumbleton Wife 30 Mar Arkansas
Shirlie Gumbleton Dau 4 S Arkansas
Jerry Lee Gumbleton Son 1 S Arkansas

District of Columbia, Precinct 11

Michael L GUMBLETON Head 68 S New York State
Cecilia COLEMAN Housekeeper 38 S Texas

Massachusetts, Middlesex, Medford City Ward 2

James D GUMBLETON Son 33 S New Jersey
Edmund J GUMBLETON Son 31 S Massachusetts
Mary E GUMBLETON Dau 20 S Massachusetts
George B GUMBLETON Son 18 S Massachusetts
Ellen GUMBLETON Mother 59 Wid Irish Free State

Michigan Wayne Detroit City Ward 18

Vincent GUMBLETON Head 39 M Michigan
Helen O GUMBLETON Wife 37 M Ohio
Vincent GUMBLETON, Jr Son 16 S Michigan
Gerard GUMBLETON Son 14 S Michigan
Raymond GUMBLETON Son 12 S Michigan
Irene GUMBLETON Dau 11 S Michigan
Thomas GUMBLETON Son 10 S Michigan
John GUMBLETON Son 9 S Michigan
James GUMBLETON Son 7 S Michigan
Daniel GUMBLETON Son 5 S Michigan

Pennsylvania: Erie; Corry City, Ward 1

Wiliam GUMBLETON Head 45 M Pennsylvania
Andrea GUMBLETON Wife 42 M Pennsylvania
Florence GUMBLETON Dau 16 S Pennsylvania
Helen GUMBLETON Dau 14 S Pennsylvania
William GUMBLETON Son 11? S Pennsylvania

Columbia Hotel. New York.New York City, Brooklyn, Assembly District 1

Eugene GUMBLETON Lodger 67 S New York State

Massachusetts. Worcester: Fitchburg City, Ward 1

James GUMBLETON Head 54 M Irish Free State
Bridget GUMBLETON Wife 49 M Irish Free State
Margaret GUMBLETON Dau 23 S Massachusetts
John GUMBLETON Son 22 S Massachusetts
Mary GUMBLETON Dau 20 S Massachusetts
James GUMBLETON, Jr Son 18 S Massachusetts

Massachusetts, Middlesex, Medford City Ward 1

Morris GUMBLETON Head 29 M Massachusetts
Tina GUMBLETON Wife 30 M Massachusetts
Robert GUMBLETON Son 3 S Massachusetts

Massachusettser, Worcester City, Ward 9

Gertrude L GUMBLETON Head 45 S Massachusetts
Mary A GUMBLETON Sister 47 S Massachusetts
Marguerite F GUMBLETON Sister 34 S Massachusetts
Josephine B GUMBLETON Sister 32 S Massachusetts
Johann Weixlgartner Lodger 27 S Vienna, Austria

Massachusetts. Worcester City, Ward 2

Lila M GUMBLETON Head 29 Wid Massachusetts
Joan M GUMBLETON Dau 6 S Massachusetts
Elizabeth PARK Sister 35 S Massachusetts
Melissa McKinney Lodger 21 S Canada

Michigan, Monroe City, Convent: St. Mary's Academy

Mary GUMBLETON Professor 53 S Michigan

Massachusetts: Middlesex Malden City, Ward 2

Michael J HAYES Head 69 S Ireland
Margaret GUMBLETON Sister-in-law 73 S Ireland
Cathrine O'Connors Cousin 69 S Ireland

Michigan Wayne; Detroit City, Ward 16, Marygrove College

Irene GUMBLETON Sister 45 S Michigan

Massachusetts: Worcester; Worcester City, Ward 9: Convent of our Lady of Mercy

Helen T GUMBLETON - 40 S Massachusetts

Michigan: Wayne; Detroit City, Ward 19. Annuciation Convent

Evelyn WHITE Head 48 S Michigan
Loretta GUMBLETON Partner 55 S Michigan

New York: Suffolk; Islip Town, State Hospital (Insane)

Peter GUMBLETON Inmate 55 S U.S.

Mills Hotel, New York

Eugene Gumbelton Guest 35 S New Hampshire Counter man - Restaurant

Deroit Ward 16, Wayne, Michigan

Alphonsus Gumbeton Head 48 Mar Michigan Clerical - brake manufacture
Bessie Gumbeton Wife 37 Mar Michigan
Gerald Gumbeton Son 7 S Michigan
Thomas Gumbeton Son 6 S Michigan
Robert Gumbeton Son 5 S Michigan
Jean Gumbeton Dau 4 S Michigan
Marilyn Gumbeton Dau 2 S Michigan
Michael Gumbeton Son 1 S Michigan

City & County Jail, Denver, Colorado

Lawrence Gambleton Lodger 41 S Maine

Lowndes, Mississippi

Zephenise Gambleton Head 35 Mar Mississippi Labourer. Farm
Rosa Lee Gambleton Wife 23 Mar Alabama

Owen, Pulaski, Arkansas

Walter Gambleton Head 37 Mar Mississippi Labor lumber mill
Martha Gambleton Wife 39 Mar Arkansas Maid - home
Sam Locket Lodger 31 Mar Louisiana Labor lumber mill
Pearles Jefferson Lodger 33 Mar Arkansas Labor lumber mill
William Arnold Lodger 30 Mar Arkansas Labor lumber mill

Long Beach, Los Angeles, California

Frances F Gambleton Head 65 Wid Kentucky Teacher - public school

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