Other miscellaneous

DatePersonSourceTitleLink to details
1641/2 Robert, Edmund and John senr. Wilts OPC Britford, Wiltshire protestation return Details
1798 Robert GUMBLETON Bucks Posse Comitatus Details
14 Jun 1820 Robert GUMBLETON London Metropolitan Archives St Thomas' Hospital death register Details
1851 onwards Elizabeth, George, Hanna and Lucy Gumbleton Wilts OPC Donhead St Mary Friendly Society membership Details
1853 Solomon GUMBLETON Wilts OPC Solomon Gumbleton Membership of Wiltshire Friendly Society Details
1856 William GUMBLETON Wilts OPC William Gumbleton Membership of Wiltshire Friendly Society Details
1859 John GUMBLETON Wilts OPC John Gumbleton Membership of Wiltshire Friendly Society Details
29 Nov 1866 John Henry GUMBLETON Malta family history Death of John Henry Gumbleton Details
20 Jan 1879 Henry GUMBLETON Ancestry.co.uk Death certificate of Henry Gumbleton,1879 Details
3 Apr 1881 Flora Martha GUMBLETON Andrews index cards, ancestry.co.uk Marriage of Flora Martha Gumbleton Details
1899 Harry GUMBLETON Eastdean Church Choir 1899 Details
8 Nov 1909 Emily Marian GUMBLETON ancestry.com Marriage certificate of Emily Marian Gumbleton Details
13 Apr 1910 Sophia GUMBLETON Ancestry.co.uk Death certificate of Sophia Rootes, 1910 Details
ca. 1954 William Thomas GUMBLETON Correspondence with Marilyn Hopton William Thomas Gumbleton pension application Details

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