Name: Robert GUMBLETON  K0101 
Died:1731 Ansty in Hilton, Dorset, England
Buried: 4 Jan 1731  Ansty in Hilton, Dorset, England
Spouse 1Sarah UNKNOWN
(Died 1733 Ansty in Hilton, Dorset, England)
Child 1 L0716 Sarah GUMBLETON
Child 2 L0717 Mary GUMBLETON ca. 1717
Child 3 K0721 William GUMBLETON ca. 1721
Child 4 L0723 Elizabeth GUMBLETON ca. 1723
Child 5 L0008 Robert GUMBLETON ca. 1725
Child 6 L0101 Jane GUMBLETON ca. 1727
Robert Gumbleton’s origins are not known, but it is very likely that he is a descendant of William Gumbleton of Tarrant Gunville, who died in 1675 (I0010). The present author has DNA matches with descendants from both families. Furthermore, it is likely that he is also quite closely related to Henry Gumbleton of Stourpaine (d.1720) and Robert Gumbleton of Donhead St Mary (d.1726) as both he and the Robert of Donhead are mentioned in the will of Henry.

he married a wife, Sarah (surname unknown) and had six children between about 1716 and 1727. He died in 1731 and was buried at Ansty-in-Hilton, Dorset. At the time of his death, he was a yeoman farmer. He held a leasehold estate (with a remaining term of about 5oo years) in West Stour, Dorset, which is a few miles north of Ansty. He also had a leasehold estate at Ansty, itself, with fifteen years remaining. He was also in possession of “ready money”, bonds, “living and dead stock” on his lands, household furniture and “utensils in husbandry” [according to the later dispute over his estate].

He died intestate but his widow, Sarah, was granted Letters of Administration and took possession of his estate. About a year later, she married Augustin Robins, who thereby became the owner of all her worldly goods. She died after about another year, and Augustin Robins took possession of the late Robert Gumbleton’s property In 1734 a court case was brought against Robins on behalf of Robert Gumbleton’s children, claiming that they were entitled to a share of his estate. 

1720 Robert GUMBLETON referenced in Will of Henry Gumbleton of Stourpaine, Dorset Stourpaine, Dorset View details
4 Jan 1731 Burial of Robert GUMBLETON Ansty in Hilton, Dorset, England Burials index#71
4 Mar 1731 Letters of Administration of Robert Gumbleton, Ansty in Hilton Ansty in Hilton View details

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