Name: Richard GUMBLETON  O0001 
Born: 20 Oct 1801  Ilchester, Somerset, England
Baptised: 1 Jun 1802  Ilchester, Somerset, England
Parents: Robert GUMBLETON Ann ENSOR
Died:3 Mar 1882 Hammersmith, Middlesex, England
Spouse 1Mary BISHOP
Married 25 Oct 1840
St Marylebone, Middlesex, England
(Died 1878 Fulham RD, Middlesex, England)
Richard Gumbleton, a son of Robert GUMBLETON and Ann (nee Ensor), was born on 20 Oct 1801 and baptised in Ilchester, Somerset, on 1 Jun 1802.

In late 1805 or early 1806, the family moved to Deal, Kent. Richard himself must have been apprenticed as a grocer (like his father) and next turns up, at about the age of 25, in the London PO Directories of 1826-28, as 'Richard Gumbleton, 128 Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Grocer'. Presumably, he was by this stage running his own business.

On 25 Oct 1840, he was married in Marylebone, Middlesex, to Mary Evans. She was a widow, the daughter of Francis BISHOP (a grocer) and his wife Rebecca (nee TEES). In the following year, Richard and Mary are recorded in the 1841 census at Grosvenor Row, Pimlico, where he was a grocer.

Ten years later, in the next census, he was still there, with his 14-year-old nephew, also Richard GUMBLETON, working for him.

In 1854, as a witness at the marriage of his sister, Mary, he gives his address as High Street, Hampstead, and he is listed as a grocer at that address in an 1855 P.O. directory. He was still there in 1859, when a housemaid, seeking a new position, used Gumbleton's grocers, Heath street, as a postal address in the classified advertisement placed in The Times. He appears in teh 1858 electoral roll, as an occupier of a house in High-street, Hampstead.

Two years later, in the 1861 census, he had moved to Old Dorset Place, Clapham Road, Surrey. Classified advertisements in The Times, in 1863, 1866, and 1867 give Gumbleton's post-office, Clapham-road, as their postal address.[8] In the case of Thomas Hawkins at the Old Bailey, in 1869, Richard GUMBLETON was a witness, stating that he kept 'the Post Office receiving house, 12, Old Dorset Place, Clapham Road'.

On Thursday 25th October 1866, Richard Gumbleton placed an advertisement in The Times, offering a ten shilling reward for a gold brooch, lost between Albert Square, Clapham, and the Brixton railway station.

By 1871, Richard, now nearing 70, had retired, and was living at 2 Grove Place Hammersmith with his two unmarried sisters, Elizabeth and Maria.

Mary, his wife, died in 1878. By 1880, Richard and his two sisters had moved to 401 Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith. He died there, aged 80, in 1882. His will was proved 5 Apr 1882: the beneficiaries were his sisters, Elizabeth and Maria, his neice, Lydia COLMER (nee Gumbleton) and her family.  

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