1921 Census for England and Wales

The census was taken on the night of 19 Jun 1921. We have transcribed: Name; Relation to head of household; age (years & months); Marital status (for adults); Occupation; Employer; Place of woirk; and Where born.

25 St Peters Street, Bedford

Janet Gumbleton Head 39y 5m S Knitted Hosiery Manufacturer Employer At home Peckham, London
Ellen Louisa Gumbleton Cousin 49y 11m S Housekeeper Private 25 St Peters St Brixton, London

Horris Hill School, Newbury, Berkshire

Richard Widgwood Maxwell-Gumbleton Boarder 12y 11m Full time education Chippenham

Chesterfield Workhouse & Infirmary, Newbold Road, Derbyshire

Emily Grumbleton Patient 25y 11m S Shaftesbury, Dorset
Lottie Grumbleton Patient 22y 2m S Shaftesbury, Dorset

1 Castle Hill, Wimborne, Dorset

Charles E Gumbleton Head 36y 6m M Motor driver (hackney carriage) Woodville Garage Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth Fullerton, Hampshire
Emily Sophia Gumbleton Wife 35y 7m M At home Crichel, Dorset
Kathleen May Gumbleton Dau 9y 10m Whole time education Parkstone, Dorset
Gwendoline Ethel Gumbleton Dau 8y 2m Whole time education Parkstone, Dorset
Leslie Charles Gumbleton Son 5y 8m Whole time education Parkstone, Dorset

Colehill, Dorset

Ada May Gumbleton Head 62y 9m Wid Helper (domestic) Mrs Horsey. Nurseries Walsford Nurseries, Wimborne Martin, Wiltshire

Droanes Lane, Compton Abbas, Dorset

George Gumbleton Head 47y 6m Mar General labourer. Disabled O R Dickenson out of work Shaftesbury, Dorset
Florence Gumbleton Wife 36y 11m Mar Home duties Gillingham, Dorset
Cecil Chislett Son born bef. m 16y 8m S Carter Wm Tucker, Road Contractor Twyford, Shaftesbury Shaftesbury, Dorset
William Chislett Son born bef. m 13y 6m Full-time education Shaftesbury, Dorset
Florence Chislett Dau born bef. m 10y 3m Full-time education Shaftesbury, Dorset
Winnie Gumbleton Dau 5y 1m Shaftesbury, Dorset
Mabel Gumbleton Dau 3y Shaftesbury, Dorset
Edwin Gumbleton Son 1y Shaftesbury, Dorset

Holdenhurst Terrace, Bournemouth, Dorset

George David Gumbleton Head 47y 6m Mar Furniture dealer Employer At Home Farnham, Wiltshire
Mary A E Gumbleton Wife 43y 11m Mar At Home Bournemouth, Hampshire
Charles J Gumbleton Son 13y 11m Full time education Bournemouth, Hampshire
Maurice G E Gumbleton Son 11y 1m Full time education Bournemouth, Hampshire
Emily Homes Servant 34y 9m S General Domestic servant Business house 245 Holdenhurst Road Ge[?], Dorset

Nortoft Road, Bournemouth, Dorset

Frederick Thomas Gumbleton Head 28y 4m Mar Plumber George & Harding, St Pauls Lane, Bournemouth No fixed place St Andrews, Bournemouth, Hants
Lilian Gumbleton Wife 34y 10m Mar Deritend, Birmingham, Warwickshire
Mark Edwin Gumbleton Son 9y Full time education St Andrews, Bournemouth
Mark Bezaleel Gumbleton Boarder 72y Mar General labourer George & Harding, St Pauls Lane, Bournemouth No fixed place Long Crichel, Dorset
Edith Gumbleton Boarder 62y 4m Mar Hyde, Dorset
Rubie Violet Millie Dashwood Boarder 9y 6m Full time education London. Nothing further known.
John James Colenso Boarder 61y Mar Retired Licencee [?] St James, Bristol
Elizabeth Colenso Boarder 61y Mar St James, Bristol

West Street, Corfe Castle, Dorset

Winifred Edith Conquest Head (also vis) 21y 2m S Nurse companion Miss E Gumbleton (of independent means) West St, Corfe Castle Blandford, Dorset
Elizabeth Gumbleton Visitor 33y 5m S None (invalid) Runcorn, Cheshire

Shaftesbury Union Workhouse

Thomas Gumbleton Inmate 65y 2m S Labourer St James, Shaftesbury

Bradford Peverell, Dorset

Alfred W Cumbleton Head 57y 4m Mar General labourer Own account No fixed place Dorchester, Dorset
Ellen M Cumbleton Wife 55y 5m Mar Home duties St Giles, Wimborne, Dorset
Joseph Cumbleton Brother 59y 8m S Bricklayers labourer Mr Sheppard, builder Stratton, Dorchester Dorchester, Dorset
Frederick Lacey Boarder 9y 8m Full time education NK
Gertrude Biglar Boarder 8y Full time education Dorchester, Dorset

The Street, Poundbury, Dorset

Herbert George Cumbleton Head 30y 4m Mar Motor ploughman R S Hunt, Farmer Poundbury Farme, Dorchester Dorchester, Dorset
Beatrice Louise Cumbleton Wife 32y 6m Mar Home duties Dorchester, Dorset
Eileen Maple Cumbleton Dau 4y 11m Dorchester, Dorset
Maurice Victor Cumbleton Son 6m Dorchester, Dorset

Crescent Road, Wimborne, Dorset

Joseph Combleton Head 35y 10m Mar Postman Postmaster General Post Office, Wimborne Nonckton St Giles, Dorset
Alice Bertha Combleton Wife 36y Mar Home duties Blackwater, Hants

4 Cooks Row, Wimborne, Dorset

Kate Combleton Head 45y 2m Wid Charwoman Private 56 Leigh Rd, Wimborne Corfe Mullen, nr. Wimborne
Ellen Combleton Dau 22y 10m S General domestic servant Private Carnetly Walford Wimborne East Boro, Wimborne
Margaret Combleton Dau 20y 6m S Day girl Private 12 East Street, Wimborne Hillbutts nr Wimborne

Standford, Bordon, Hampshire

Grace Annie Matthews Head 47y 4m Wid Home duties Headley, Hampshire
Ann Gordon Mother 73y 10m Wid Kirkliston, West Lothian
Elrington Leith Gordon Brother 28y 11m Mar Civil servant Postmaster General Bordon Hants Headley, Hampshire
Emily Louisa Gordon Sister in law 29y 3m Mar Home duties Liss, Hampshire
Peter Leith Gordon Nephew 1y 1m Headley, Hampshire
Christina Margaret West Sister 34y 3m Mar Home duties Headley, Hampshire
Reginald Gordon West Nephew 9y 7m Headley, Hampshire
Elrington George Gumbleton West Nephew 3y 10m Melrose, Roxburghshire
Jessie Balchin Sister 41y 3m Mar Headley, Hampshire
Henry John Balchin Nephew 11y 11m Guildford, Surrey

Belmont Street, Southsea, Hampshire

Edith Marrian Gumbleton Wife 35y 1m Mar Household duties At home Portsmouth
Leonard Edward George Gumbleton Son 9y 9m Portsmouth
Margery Gumbleton Dau 6y 10m East Ham, London
Arthur Herbert Gumbleton Son 5y 5m East Ham, London
Barbara Gumbleton Dau 3m Portsmouth

Heyshott Road, Southsea, Hampshire

Arthur William Gumbleton Head 34y 2m Mar Engine Fitter Admiralty (Civil Engineers Dept) HM Dockyard, Portsmouth Portsmouth, Hampshire
Elsie Phyllis Gumbleton Wife 32y 4m Mar Home Duties Portsmouth, Hampshire
Ernest William Austin Father-in-law 60y 11m Wid Watch Repairer Own account 62 Marmion Rd, Southsea, Portsmouth Portsmouth, Hampshire

Hampshire Terrace, Southsea, Hampshire

Rosina Matilda Roberts Head 48y 9m Wid Householder Portsmouth
Ruby E Roberts Daughter 19y 4m S Home duties Cambridge, Waterbeach
Ivy Dorothy Roberts Daughter 11y 10m Full time education Portsmouth
Charles George Gumbleton Boarder 30y 7m S HM Dockyard (Admiralty). Ship building & repairs HM Dockyard Portsmouth Bournemouth, Hampshire

Victor Street, Southampton, Hampshire

Fred Gumbleton Head 41y 5m Mar Stevedore Union Castle Line Docks Shaftesbury, Dorset
Matilda Gumbleton Wife 46y 11m Mar Housekeeper At Home Plymouth, Devon
Doris Gumbleton Dau 19y 2m S Shop assistant Mr Parvin Park St, Shirley Southampton
Ruby Gumbleton Dau 14y 9m At home At home Southampton
Eric Gumbleton Son 5y 4m At school At school Southampton

Gordon Road, Fareham, Hampshire

Frank Gumbleton Head 60y Mar Goods porter L & SW Railway Gosport Long Crichel, Dorset
Edith Gumbleton Wife 51y 11m Mar Domestic Home Bishops Watham, Hampshire
Walter Gumbleton Son 19y 10m S Checker L & SW Railway Cosham Fareham, Hampshire
Marjorie Gumbleton Dau 10y 10m Full time education Fareham, Hampshire
Caroline Whitelock Wifes stp mothr 77y 9m Wid Rusall, Wiltshire

Sussex Road, Southsea, Hampshire

Herbert Frank Gumbleton Head 36y 8m Mar Accountant clerk Civil Engineer in Chief's dept, Admiralty HM Dockyard, Portsmouth Portsmouth, Hampshire
Madora Mary Gumbleton Wife 36y 2m Mar Home duties Portsmouth, Hampshire
Reginald Frank Gumbleton Son 5y 9m Cosham, Hampshire

Winter Road, Southsea, Hampshire

George Albert Gumbleton Head 68y 4m Mar Builders foreman Samuel Salter, builder & contractor, Southsea Gosport Crichel, Wimborne, Dorset
Emily Gumbleton Wife 64y 1m Mar Home duties At home Christchurch, Hampshire
Winifred May Gumbleton Dau 19y 10m S Home duties At home Southsea, Hampshire
Beatrice Mary Oliver Dau 23y 10m Mar Southsea, Hampshire
William Oliver Son-in-law 28y Mar Officer. Merchant service (Deck) Shaw, Savill & Albion Co. Out of work. South Shields, Durham

Northwood House, Fareham, Hampshire

Clara Ainslie Miller Head 35y 8m Mar Home duties Sydney, NSW, Australia
William Ainslie Mackay Miller Son 6y 11m Waterlooville, Hampshire
Mary Alicia Miller Dau 1y 7m Fareham, Hants
Mabel Nellie Bennett Servant 30y 11m S Cook Private Eustone, Oxfordshire
Ellen Emily Marie Marsh Servant 20y 4m S Parlour-maid Private Fareham, Hants
Hilda Mary Gumbleton Servant 22y S Housemaid Private Fareham, Hants
Edith Ellen Williams Servant 37y 4m S Domestic nurse Private Notley Abbey, hanys

Gladstone Rd, Boscombe, Hampshire

Flora J Combleton Head 46y 1m Wid Plain sewing Own account At home Burly, Hampshire
Flora E C Combleton Dau 13y 5m Full time education Dogdean, Colehill, Doret

Shirley Park Road, Southampton

Lousa Andrews Wife 73y 9m Mar Home duties Plymouth, Devon
William H Andrews Husband 74y 7m Mar Seaman (retired) Plymouth, Devon
Hilda Gumbleton Grand-dau 20y 5m S Drapers assistant McIllery Ltd East Street, Southampton Southampton, Hants

Osborne Cotts, Little Heath, Herts

Jessie Gumbleton Head 75y Home duties At home Wapping [Surrey]

'Huntcliffe', Parkhurst Rd, Bexley, Kent

Richard Thomas Gumbleton Head 48y 5m Mar Commercial traveller. S Hanson & Son Wholesale Grocers 14 Eastcheap, London EC3 London, Brixton
Mary Sybil McFarlane Gumbleton Wife 41y 4m Mar Domestic duties London, Hornsey
Mary Sybil Rosa Gumbleton Dau 8y 1m Full time education Kent, Bexley
Richard Frank Haworth Gumbleton Son 4y 2m Kent, Bexley

'Surprise', (ship) Lower Hope, River Thames

Albert Gumbleton Crew 20y 4m S Navigation Officer Eagle Oil Transport Co. Greenwich, London

Household of Annie Lafferty, York Terrace, Ramsgate, Kent

Annie Lafferty Head 55y 2m Wid Housekeeper Mrs Blower 11 Royal Rd, Ramsgate Sevenoaks, Kent
George Gumbleton Boarder 60y Mar Incapacitated Alderbury, Wiltshire
Mary Gumbleton Boarder 42y S Bookkeeper and cashier Messrs Halflinder[?] & co, jewellers 23 Hill Road, Wimbledon Hanwell, Middlesex

Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Josiah Gumbleton Head 47y 11m S Salesman boot trade Messrs. C W Barron & Co, Gt Suffolk St, London EC 50-52 Claverley Rd, Tunbridge Wells Cambridge

Derby Rd, Hulme, Manchester, Lancs

Edward Booth Head 38y 7m Mar Tramguard M/c Corporatation Tramway Manchester Corporation Princess Rd Depot Hulme, Manchester, Lancs
Josephine Booth Wife 29y 9m Mar Household duties Youghall, Co. Cork
Edric Booth Dau 8y 4m Full time educatiion Hulme, Manchester, Lancs
Margaret Gumbleton Sister in law 28y 8m S Mica builder R Whiffen Carriage 4, Cornbrook[?] Street Youghall, Co. Cork

4 St Herberts Road, Deptford, London SE4

Alfred Ernest Gumbleton Head 33y 4m Mar Sorter GPO Postmaster General GPO Inland Section, London Bermondsey, London
Winifred Emma Gumbleton Wife 31y 4m Mar Darlington, Durham
Alice Mary Dau 10m Brockley, London

Sunnyhill Rd, Streatham, London SW16

Albert William Pullen Head 25y 4m Mar Shopkeeper Own account 84 Cornwall Rd, Brixton Ifield? NK
Mabel Lucy Pullen Wife 31y 11m Mar Home duties Battersea, London
Pyllis M M Pullen Dau 1y 9m Streatham, London
Emma Gumbleton Mother 70y 4m Wid None Windsor, Berks

Finborough Road, Chelsea, London SW10

Arthur C H Newman Head 39y 4m Mar Shop assistant. Wine. Cooper & Co Wine Merchants 68-74 Brompton Rd London, Middlesex
Elizabeth Newman Wife 45y 5m Mar Home duties London, Middlesex
Sarah Gumbleton Mother in law 76y Wid London, Middlesex
Fanny Gumbleton Sister in law 49y 1m S Dressmaker Own account At home London, Middlesex
Frank Arthur Newman Son 12y 8m Full time education London, Middlesex
Jack Hailey Newman Son 6y 7m Full time education London, Middlesex

Muswell Hill Road, Hornsey, London N16

Julius Walter Starkey Head 51y 11m Mar Import export merchant Employer 24 Fenchurch St, EC3 London
Jessie Downey Starkey Wife 50y Mar London
Mary Ann Gumbleton Servant 40y 3m Wid General domestic servant Private Hawkridge, Westbury, Wilts

Shrewsbury Rd, Forest Gate, London E7

Frederick John Sage Son [sic] 26y .5m S General worker in cable works W T Henleys, Ltd, Cable manufacturers North Woolwich Millwall, Kent
Annie Gumbleton Mother 53y 1m Mar Home duties At home Woolwich, Kent
Annie Leitia Sage Dau 32y 10m S Monthly nurse No fixed place Millwall, Kent
Walter Henry Sage Son 23y 7m S Boler scaler. General labourer London scaling co. Ltd. Out of work. Victoria Dock Rd, E Millwall, Kent

Raymond Rd, Upton Park. London E13

James Gambleton Head 51y 7m M Foreman Boiler Cleaner London Scaling Company Victoria Dock Road London
John Gambleton Son 19y 8m S Apprentice Engineer Troope Curtis Victoria Dock Road London
James Beresford Gambleton Son 21y 3m S Boiler Cleaner London Scaling Company Victoria Dock Road London
Marguerite AA Dean Housekeeper 31y 11m Sep Housekeeper Private Raymond Road, Upton Park Devizes, Wiltshire
Edward Dean Son 1y 1m Cardiff

2 Shalimar Terrace, Acton, Middlesex

Frank Ernest Gumbleton Head 35y 10m S Railway Accounts Clerk London & North Western Railway Accounts Dept., Camden Station, London NW London, Lambeth
Elizabeth Mary Gumbleton Sister 52y 3m S Temporary Civil Service Clerk Ministry of Health Maida Vale, London W London, Lambeth

32 Kingsley Avenue, Ealing, Middlesex

Sydney R Kilbey Head 44y 11m Mar Rating Clerk L M & S Ry. Co. Euston Stn. Middlesex, St Marylebone
Mabel E Kilbey Wife 39y 2m Mar Home duties Middlesex, lambeth
Joan M Kilbey Dau 2y 2m Middlesex, Ealing
Rose Edwards Boarder 23y 6m S School Teacher Ealing Education Committee Ealing Sussex, Warnham

Nurses Home, Warwick Ave, Paddington, Middlesex

Emily Gumbleton Officer 34y 10m S Theatre sister Board of Guardians, London, W9 Paddington Infirmary Bermondsey, London

Greenfield Street, Aberystwyth, Monmouthshire

George Wilfred Heness Head 23y 1m S Lieutenant, Salvation Army 2nd in command, Salvation Army, Aberystwyth Aberystwyth. 40 Greenfield St. Leeds, Yorkshire
Charles Edward Gumbleton Visitor 50y 8m Mar Salvation Army Officer General Booth SA Headquarters, Bute St, Cardiff Penycaemawr, Monmouthshire

Richmond Rd, Abertillery, Monmouthshire

John Gumbleton Head 57y 11m Mar Colliery labourer below ground Powell Tillery Co, Colliery Owners Powell Tillery Co, Abertillery Shaftesbury, Dorset
Eliza Gumbleton Wife 55y 11m Mar Home duties Shaftesbury, Dorset
Winnie Gumbleton Dau 17y 10m S Home duties Shaftesbury, Dorset
Louie Gumbleton Dau 14y 6m S Shaftesbury, Dorset
Daisy Gumbleton Dau 15y 9m S Shaftesbury, Dorset
George Edmonds Boarder 41y 10m S Out of work Frenchay, Gloucestershire
Percy Parsons Boarder 25y 9m S Gas works stoker Abertillery UDC Abertillery Gas Works Shaftesbury, Dorset
Harry Adams Boarder 50y 2m S Labourer Abertillery UDC Abertillery UDC Hereford

Penycaemawr, West Newchurch, Monmouthshire

Elizabeth Gumbleton Head 78y 9m Wid Home duties At home Penycaemawr, West Newchurch, Monmouthshire
Elizabeth Ann Gumbleton Dau 47y 6m S Home duties At home Penycaemawr, West Newchurch, Monmouthshire
John Walter Gumbleton Son 49y 5m S Woodcutter Mr Davies, Woodbine, Usk, Monmouthshire Wentwood nr. Usk Penycaemawr, West Newchurch, Monmouthshire
George Granville Stephens Grandson 13y 1m S Full time education 29 South St, Panteg, Mponmouthshire
John Clifford Stephens Grandson 11y 6m Full time education 29 South St, Panteg, Mponmouthshire

Somerset Street, Abertillery, Monmouthshire

John Gumbleton Head 31y 5m Mar Miner. Coal Hewer Powell Tillery Go, colliery owners Abertillery Shaftesbury, Dorset
Harriet Gumbleton Wife 28y 3m Mar Domestic duties At home Llanhilleth, Monmouthshire
William John Gumbleton Son 8y 10m Full time education Abertillery, Monmouthshire
Harriet Sissie Gumbleton Dau 7y 1m Full time education Abertillery, Monmouthshire
Thomas Gray Boarder 31y 5m S Gas works labourer Abertillery UDC Abertillery Shaftesbury, Dorset

Pontyfawdyr Rd, Arbertillery, Monmouthshire

William Gumbleton Head 26y 7m Mar Coal miner (hewer) Powell Tillery Colliery Co, Ltd Tillery Colliery Shaftesbury, Dorset
Violet Gumbleton Wife 26y 11m Mar Home duties Blaina, Monmouthshire
William Gumbleton Son 8y 4m Full time education Abertillery, Monmouthshire
Robert Gumbleton Son 6y 2m Full time education Abertillery, Monmouthshire

South Street, Sebastapol, Monmouthshire

William Gambleton Head 37y 6m Mar Coal merchant Employer At home West Newchurch, Monmouthshire
Ethel M Gambleton Wife 33y 9m Mar Home duties At home Machen, Monmouthshire
Harold G Gumbleton Son 8y 6m Full time educatiion Sebastapol, Monmouthshire
William N Gumbleton Son 5y 9m Full time education Sebastapol, Monmouthshire

Howard Street, North Shields, Northumberland

Edwin Combleton Head 35y 1m Mar Postman GPO Postmaster General GPO North Shields St Giles, Dorset
Barbara Combleton Wife 36y 5m Mar Home duties At Home North Shields, Northumberland
William V McGuire Stepson 18y 11m S Apprentice fitter Shields Engineering Co Shields Engineering Co, Bell St, North Shields North Shields, Northumberland
Robert McGuire Stepson 16y S Clerk timber merchant Percy Hudson, timber merchant Northumberland St, North Shields North Shields, Northumberland
Barbara W G Combleton Dau 3y 1m North Shields, Northumberland
Margaret Combleton Dau 8m North Shields, Northumberland

Parsonage Lane, Chilcompton, Somerset

Fred Gumbleton Head 25y 9m M Coal miner and breaker New Rock Colliery Coy. Downside Shaftesbury, Dorset
Ada Gumbleton Wife 26y 2m M Home duties Mottisford, Hampshire
Bemjamin Gumbleton Son 4y 5m Chilcompton, Somerset
Ernest Gumbleton Son 3y 1m Chilcompton, Somerset
Kathleen Gumbleton Dau 1m Chilcompton, Somerset

Parsonage Lane, Chilcompton, Somerset

William Gumbleton Head 27y 6m Mar Coal miner. Carter - underground Mr L Beauchamp, New Rock Colliery Bath Donhead St Mary, Wilts
Alice Gumbleton Wife 30y 10m Mar Home duties Clandown, Somerset
Percival Gumbleton Son 3y 10m Paulton, Somerset
Edith Gumbleton Dau 2y 3m Paulton, Somerset

Langleys Lane, Midsomer Norton, Somerset

Edward Gumbleton Head 31y 4m Mar Coal Miner (Hitcher) (Coal Mine Owners) New Rock Colliery Co. Stratton on the Fosse, Chilcompton Shaftesbury, Dorset
Elsie Gumbleton Wife 30y 4m Mar Devizes, Wilts
Edward Gumbleton Son 8y 9m Rowde, Devizes, Wilts
Charlie Gumbleton Son 7y 10m Rowde, Devizes, Wilts
Henry Gumbleton Son 3y 3m Clapton Lane, Midsomer Norton, Somerset
Annie Gumbleton Dau 6y 2m Somerset

14, Adelaide Rd, Richmond, Surrey

Edward Gumbleton Head 56y 11m M Gardener Corporation of Richmond, Surrey Hanwell, Middlesex
Emily Gumbleton Wife 43y 9m M 4 Holly St, Strand, London
George Gumbleton Son 13y 10m Richmond, Surrey
Frederick Gumbleton Son 10y 9m Richmond, Surrey
Alfred Gumbleton Son 9y 4m Richmond, Surrey

120 Drummond Rd, Bermondsey, Surrey

Harry Gumbleton Head 64y 1m M Bargebuilder's labourer C Hay & Sons 135 Rotherhithe Rd, Rotherhithe Hackney, London
Annie Gumbleton Wife 63y 8m M The City, London
Harry Gumbleton Son 25y 4m S Turner. Engineer. Motor Gear Eng. Co, Ltd, Ringwood Works High Road, Seven Kings, Essex Bermondsey, London

Hothfield Place, Bermondsey, Surrey

William F Gumbleton Head 29y 4m Mar Bank messenger A Keyser & co 31 Throgmorton St, London EC Surrey, London SE
Emily Gumbleton Wife 23y 2m Mar Home duties Grays, Essex
Doris Lavinia Gumbleton Dau 2m Surrey, London

The Grove, Wandsworth, Surrey

Herbert H Gumbleton Head 32y 10m Mar Glass packer His Majestys Office of Works 6 Lambeth Palace Rd Abbey Wood, Kent
Louise Mildred Gumbleton Wife 39y 5m Mar Home duties Islington
Margaret L Gumbleton Dau 7y 11m Full time education Peckham
Ethel Amy Gumbleton Dau 5y 0m Full time education Tooting
Dorothy L Gumbleton Dau 2y 3m Tooting

103 Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey, Surrey

Walter Gumbleton Head 59y 9m Mar Labourer (dockyard) Government. Royal Victoria Yard, Deptford Shoreditch, London
Ellen Gumbleton Wife 58y 8m Mar Household Bermondsey, London
Ivy Annie Gumbleton Dau 26y 4m S Biscuits packer Peek Frean & Co Drummond Rd, Bermondsey Bermondsey, London
Florence Sarah Gumbleton Dau 25y 1m S Biscuits Peek Frean & Co Bermondsey, London
Harold Edward Gumbleton Son 18y 9m S Warehouseman Vernon Booth & Co. Wood St, EC. Out of work Bermondsey, London

Avondale Road, Richmond, Surrey

Walter Edgar Gumbleton Head 46y Mar Police constable Metropolitan Police Barnes, Surrey Whaddon, Salisbury, Wilts
Mary Gumbleton Wife 39y 3m Mar Nil Portsea, Hants
Elsie Winifred Gumbleton Dau 15y 4m S Clerk Murphy & Son chemist Cedars, Sheen Lane, Mortlake Barnes, Surrey
Percy James Gumbleton Son 13y 3m Full time education Barnes, Surrey
Gwendoline Gumbleton Dau 4y 2m Mortlake, Surrey

Household of Henry West, East Dean, Sussex

Henry West Head 50y 5m Mar Wood cutter. Wood & coal merchant Employer No fixed place. At home, East Dean, Sussex
Cicely West Wife 39y 5m Mar Home duties East Dean, Sussex
Blanche Gumbleton Mother in law 62y 10m Wid Hume duties East Dean, Sussex
Jessie Gumbleton Sister in law 34y 5m S Invalid East Dean, Sussex
Ethelbert Hewson Uncle 66y 8m S Hurdle maker Kennett & West No fixed place. East Dean. East Dean, Sussex

41 Lavant, Sussex

George Gumbleton Head 73y 3m Mar Old age pension East Dean, Chichester
Ellen Louisa Gumbleton Wife 69y 8m Mar Home duties East Dean, Chichester
Caroline Gumbleton Visitor 75y 4m Wid None Felpham, Bognor

Charlton, Singleton, Sussex

Percy Gumbleton Head 40y 8m Mar Brush board cutter. Sawyer Fosters Ltd, Timber Merchants Charlton Singleton, Sussex
Sarah Ann Gumbleton Wife 43y 2m Mar Home duties Heyshott, Sussex
Eric Gumbleton Son 10y 2m Full time education Singleton, Sussex

East Dean, Nr. Chichester, Sussex

Harry Gumbleton Head 67y 12m Mar Hurdlemaker John William Blunden No fixed place. East Dean East Dean, Sussex
Harriet Emily Gumbleton Wife 63y 4m Mar Home duties Lavant, Sussex

East Dean, Nr Chichester, Sussex

Harry Gumbleton Head 38y Mar Sheep hurdle maker Duke of Richmond & Gordon. Out of work. East Deam East Dean, Nr. Chichester, Sussex

East Dean, Nr Chichester, Sussex

William Gumbleton Head 33y 9m Mar Sheep hurdlemaker H Bowley farmer & wood merchant No fixed place, Eastdean East Dean, Sussex
Amy Elizabeth Gumbleton Wife 37y 8m Mar Home duties Lewes, Sussex
Mabel Olive Gumbleton Dau 8y 9m Full time educatiion East Dean, Sussex

West Dean, Wiltshire

George Gumbleton Head 78y 1m Mar Farm labourer (retired) West Grimstead, Wiltshire
Elizabeth Gumbleton Wife 78y 6m Mar Home duties At home Grateley, Hampshire

Great Bathampton, Wyly, Wiltshire

John Thomas Gumbleton Head 30y 5m Mar Carter J Burrow, farmer Great Bathampton, Wyly Donhead, Wiltshire
Eva Harriett Gumbleton Wife 33y 5m Mar Home duties Fareham, Hampshire
Ronald Edward Gumbleton Son 10y 10m Full time education Deptford, Wiltshire
Benjamin Lawrence Father-in-law 76y 10m Wid Farm labourer J Hooper, farmer Deptford, Wyly Brook, King Sombourn, Hants

Cowesfield, Whiteparish, Wiltshire

Arthur K Witherington Head 34y 3m Mar Agricultural farm labourer Thomas Mussellwhite, farmer New Manor Farm, Whiteparish, Wilts Deanland, Dorset
Elizabeth Witherington Wife 26y 11m Mar Household duties At homer Hornington, Wiltshire
Edward George Witherington Son 2y 5m Laverstock, Wiltshire
Henry S Gumbleton Boarder 37y 9m S Carter Thomas Mussellwhite, farmer New Manor Farm, Whiteparish, Wilts West Grimstead, Wiltshire
None None None None

Ship Inn, Burcombe, Wiltshire

Benjamin John Gumbleton Head 38y 2m Mar Licensed victually Whaddon, Wilts
Jane Elizabeth Wife 38y 3m Mar Household duties At home East Grimstead, Wilts
Beatrice Cable Sister-in-law 26y S Help Ship Inn, Burcombe East Grimstead, Wilts
Alfred Charles Gumbleton Son 7y 6m Full time education Burcombe, Wilts

Ladies' School, West Malvern, Worcestershire

Margaret Maxwell-Gumbleton Pupil 17y 1m S Full time education Colerne, Wiltshire

Cavalry Barracks, Fulford, Yorkshire

Leslie Gumbleton Private 18y 7m S Liverpool, Lancashire

Bradford Moor Barracks, Wakefield Rd, Bradford, Yorkshire

John Gillum Maxwell-Gumbleton - 20y 9m S 2 /lieut wool trade Army Royal Field Artillery Colerne, Wilts

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